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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chapter twelve: Blast from the past

Well, this post appropriately follows my "Caroline" post. These photos are complements of her! (I have a strange feeling that English majors are shuddering silently at the grammar in the previous sentence. Feel free to correct me, it will make you feel better. ;)
When she came to visit, she brought her new laptop--very cute, might I add--with these pictures on it. They range from when Jon David was a baby --six months old, I think -- to basically before Caleb was born. It feels like an odd sort of summary of the past seven years of my life. It's kinda cool to see it through her camera lens. When I'm living the moment, I forget that though I may feel crazy on the inside, sometimes from an outsider's perspective, it doesn't seem all that bad. In fact, this makes me feel really thankful for how God has blessed me.
Crazy to think back about what my OLDEST --now SEVEN year old-- looked like at six months:

Fast forward to right after Luke was born. (In our Woodridge house--where Caroline and fam used to live!!)
Luke Jamberdy Jambers!!!

And Jon "Diddly" (not quite 2 yrs):

Below, classic Jon David. And oh, how I remember feeling this EXHAUSTED. This picture is so revealing. Having two babies this close together did a number on me. I was NOT prepared. But God brought me through it--with a lot of help from Don, Mom, and Caroline! :)

I mean seriously, somebody help! :)

Next: a little less crazy--settled into our Birmingham house (JD two years old, and Luke six monthish?):

Sweet Luke James:

Fast forward a month or two I think. Here, Luke seems to be one-ish and Jon David three-ish :

Fast-forward again. Jon David is now about four, and Luke is two (I think). This was when James and Caroline came out to see us in Colorado for Thanksgiving:

And finally, two yrs ago at Sarah's wedding (Luke, 3 yrs, JD 5 yrs). And Caroline and I, well, we were two yrs younger here. ;)

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