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Monday, June 28, 2010

call me melon

So all of the family that was once filling Mom and Dad's house has gone. Don's still gone. Mom's at work and Dad's under the weather, so he is resting. It's back to me and the three musketeers The house feels earily quiet and still. Last night, after the boys went to bed, it felt lonely and sad.
I have always been a little dramatic about the "post" part of big events. There is usually a let down period. I remember one particular christian camp in France when I must have been middle school age or so. Since Dad was the director, we would always stay after everyone had left. It was so sad for me. I remember going into different rooms, and just crying. I remember standing in the room where I had stayed with my fellow campers and counselors that I had loved so much.
In a similar way, it was tragic when Uplift, Impact, or other youth events came to an end. I remember my friend, Alycia and I moping around at school, trying to look forward to the next big event. At times, I feel like I am just living for the next "thing". It is exilerating. Don't you just wish that life was a big, long mission trip or church camp? Maybe that's what heaven will be like. No let down, just solid mountain top experience, forever and ever!
The last night that we were all together this past week-end, we sat outside on Dad and Mom's back porch, roasted marshmellows, and ate smores. Then we went inside and talked and prayed together. It reminded me of the last night at camp, when we all sit around the camp fire, have a devo, and have an emotional time together. It was even complete with several of us crying. :)
Oh the drama. :) Some things about me haven't changed much over the years. Sometimes, Don reminds me that my name is Anna Caulley, not Melon choly. Hee hee. Today, I have got the blues. But I am sure that it will pass.
I am hoping to blog about the past several weeks soon. In the mean time, here are a few highlights from our family week-end--sans Don. Random side note: I figured it was about time I used the new trendy "sans". That's about all I have to say about that.

Above is a pic of Jon David on the last day of Supercamp (more blogging on this later). He is already talking about next year's Supercamp. He had so much fun! And he was so sad when it was over (I guess the apple doesn't fall far...). Sweet boy. He had a blast! Here, he has just slid down the giant water slide, and since this was "messy day", was squirted with chocolate syrup at the bottom. Although he had a great time, I believe he was already getting sad that I was there to take him home, ending his adventurous fun.

LOVE this pic!
I'm pretty bummed that I wasn't able to include one or two more shots, and that I couldn't put these in the desired order... technical difficulties. But it's time to post something, so here goes.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guess who??!!

Who are these people with such ignorant, I mean happy faces? They look ready to take on the world, don't they! They are sitting at a table in a Jamaican resort, livin' it up! Little do they know what awaits them... They don't know how hard the road is... nor how thrilling the ride will be. At this point, they are living in a little apartment, enjoying get togethers w/friends, Don working as a pharmaceutical rep, and Anna as a teacher.

Above is the fairy tale, the "everything is going to be perfect" (at least from my perspective).
Below is the real, the "we have gone through some of life's trials, but we're still here, trucking along with God's help".
Interestingly, I wouldn't go back to the fairy tale now. I can't help but wonder if I will be typing the same thing about us in another ten years...
This is what we look like ten years after the above honeymoon pic (our ten year anniversary is on June the 10th): after three kids, three moves (including a total of six houses after we left our apartment...), and a major career change for Don. I have had moments of feeling like my faith is soaring to new heights, and moments of wondering if my faith would survive.
On a more brutal note, we have had moments of loving each other like we never thought we would, and moments of wondering who in the world we had married!!

We wanted to celebrate a little more dramatically than dinner and a movie, but with Caleb still nursing, and because of where we are financially, we decided to put such a celebration off until another year. Truthfully, being with Don by myself is a celebration in and of itself. I love it. He is my best friend. God gave me someone who challenges me to be better everyday, someone who leads our family spiritually--not just in cross country moves, but in keeping God the center of our household.

Don is leaving for his big trip to Israel in six days... I am sad and nervous about being away from him for so long... but I am thrilled that he is getting to do this, and can't wait to hear all about it when he returns. I am very thankful that the actual day of our anniversary is June 10th--three days before his departure. I think it would have been tough to be away from him on our actual anniversary date, this year especially.

I love you, Don! I can't wait to see what the next decade holds...

Monday, June 7, 2010

My nine month old

Caleb has been saying Mamama and Dadada some. We love it! He seems intentional about it.
He is still really struggling with sleep. Some nights are good, but then others have two or three awakenings... He is getting faster at crawling around and loves to put almost anything in his mouth. He also seems to enjoy our DVD player and likes to pull the DVD cases out one at a time. We stop him, of course, but we're not sure he understands the meaning of "no" yet. So far, he seems to at least get that our voice intonation must mean something, and sometimes he stops.

The other day, he crawled up into one of his toys. Hilarious!

Eating is an adventure, too. He was doing soooo well in this area for a long time. He would eat anything. The only thing that I noticed him turning his nose up to was peas. He literally ate anything else--carrots, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes (real ones mashed up), squash, apples, bananas (real ones mashed up), prunes, berry fruit, OK, well you get the point. But lately, with the introduction of certain jar foods like turkey and rice, chicken noodle dinner, spaghetti dinner, lasagna, and other such, he is starting to reject a lot of his baby food in favor of finger food/table food. And I think his favorite so far it, get this: Chili beans!!! I am not kidding. I think that I have let him eat chili beans during almost every meal except breakfast for the past three or four days! Amazing. He seems to be going through a picky stage. I hope he grows out of it soon!
Sometimes, if one of us starts to sing, he starts rocking on his little hiney(sp!), dancing. It is so cute!
He still loves his brothers, Daddy and Mommy. And we love him! I need to take more pictures!
He is crying--finished w/his nap. How appropriate. OK, gotta go!

Summer vaca: Day one.

Every once in a while, you have one of those "perfect days." Let it be recorded that on June 5th, 2010, was one of those days in the Caulley household. Even though it started off with a rough previous night--complements of Caleb Thom Thom--we had FUN on this first day of summer.

First, a quick recap of Jon David's last day of school. This pic is my effort at capturing his expression coming down the hall from his first grade classroom for the last time. I was expecting ecstasy and elation. But instead, I think we have a bit of melancholy and wistfulness... When I gave him a hug, he said that he was sad. He misses his friends. Oh dear, well, thankfully, the sadness didn't last too long.

Luke has been getting things "ready for summer." He has been fixing up his stuffed animals on his bed, getting his grooming cup in order in the bathroom (new toothpaste--which is always a source of excitement--toothbrush, dental floss, dental mirror) and doing some straightening. He is really excited. Perhaps this summer will be full of rest and dental hygiene. Ha!

Daddy set up the slip n slide in the back yard while the boys played wii. They were so surprised to find it all ready for them. So fun!

We let Luke and Jon David have lunch in the family room on a tray (I think they were watching soccer w/Daddy).
During Caleb's second nap, Don took the boys to run an errand (for me, might I add!) while I did my Tae Bo video--whew! AND, drum roll: I got both bathrooms cleaned! OK, now don't start thinking thoughts like, oh good grief, that Anna, I don't know how she does it. I can't really remember the last time that both bathrooms were cleaned on the same day. Let's just say that it's been a while. Thankfully, Caleb's naps were nice and long--that helped a lot!
That night, we had chicken crescent rolls for dinner, and JD and Luke ate on trays in the family room again while we all watched Toy Story on TV.
I mean, come on! That's a good day!

Friday, June 4, 2010

End of a school yr

Well, it's here: summer vacation!! There was no feeling like the first day of summer, right? There was an awards day @ Jon David's school on Thursday. JD received an honor entitled "Making Learning a Priority." I am actually really proud of him, even though every one in his class received an honor. :) Above is him receiving his award. I love the way he celebrates! :)

Jon David is already sad and missing Mrs. Moss:

Luke's last day of school was celebrated with a picnic. His teacher had asked for $15.00 from us towards the beginning of the year to make a scrap book. We received this on the last day... Let's just say that there is no way that 15 bucks covered what she did. It is a treasure! Amazing. Thank you, Mrs. Litt!! Luke has already said that he is sad because he likes Mrs. Litt. He will miss her.

Luke and his preschool friends: Ben.

And John.

And Brianna.

Summer, here we come!

Funny last day of school quote from JD: (we told him about a play date w/some friends who have a daughter that was in his first grade class). "I like her, she is a nice little girl." Ha!

Both boys are already missing their friends, but are excited about the summer time.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Above: Jon David and his friend, Jacob.

So, did I grab ya with the title? This stands for Our Own Version Of The Olympics. Jon David's school's field day, essentially. Don and I went with Caleb for part of it--so fun!!

First, we got to see Jon David compete in a team balloon relay race: each child had to sit on a balloon until it popped, and then run back and let the next person go. I think Jon David's team might have come in second.
Above: JD sitting on his balloon until it popped, and his teacher, Mrs. Moss, behind him. We have really enjoyed her this year.

But then, we got to see Jon David and his friend, Michael, WIN the noodle race!! Woohoo! Go JD!!

On your marks, get set.... (JD in the red shirt in the back)

Go!!!! Watch as the "Moss Marvels" (their Olympic team name) twosome tears out ahead of the pack... thrilling I tell ya. :) (JD: black shorts)

Crossing the finish line... Michael glancing back to assess the victory. Yay!!

Below: Caleb being the champ that third kids have to be. He is a trooper!


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