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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Above: Jon David and his friend, Jacob.

So, did I grab ya with the title? This stands for Our Own Version Of The Olympics. Jon David's school's field day, essentially. Don and I went with Caleb for part of it--so fun!!

First, we got to see Jon David compete in a team balloon relay race: each child had to sit on a balloon until it popped, and then run back and let the next person go. I think Jon David's team might have come in second.
Above: JD sitting on his balloon until it popped, and his teacher, Mrs. Moss, behind him. We have really enjoyed her this year.

But then, we got to see Jon David and his friend, Michael, WIN the noodle race!! Woohoo! Go JD!!

On your marks, get set.... (JD in the red shirt in the back)

Go!!!! Watch as the "Moss Marvels" (their Olympic team name) twosome tears out ahead of the pack... thrilling I tell ya. :) (JD: black shorts)

Crossing the finish line... Michael glancing back to assess the victory. Yay!!

Below: Caleb being the champ that third kids have to be. He is a trooper!


  1. Ha! That comment about the third child. My Sam spent so much time in a stroller or being held by strangers. People were always willing to 'help' me hold him while I helped his sisters with things.

  2. Cool! Thanks for posting these! I didn't make it up there today...didn't quite have the energy to haul the others up there solo. ;) Love seeing a glimpse of what they did! Mackenzie came home saying they had a good time!

    I, too, love the 3rd child comment. Addelyn can sit in her stroller like a little angel - a task the other's didn't quite have to master!

  3. Dude, JD didn't just beat the competition, he straight up smoked em (this is David btw). Can't wait to see you soon!



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