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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Graduate

Don wonders why people say "you did it!" As if it's a big surprise that he accomplished his masters. But I don't think that it's the element of surprise that causes people to say this. I think it's more a matter of chronological celebration. He DID do it. He arrived at the goal that he set out to accomplish a couple of years ago. This is the time to celebrate. Celebrate what? Well, the fact that he did it!

Brother Mike and nephew McClay.

Joey Fitzgerald.

Brad Johnson and Jason Jackson.

Jonathan Blackburn.

Jeremy Martin.
Jim Tremblay and Jason Aycock.

And here he is, ladies and gentlemen--bona fide.
On the way back to Georgia, we were rockin' out to some 90's tunes, including "Africa" by Toto; Babay babay" by Britney Spears; "Genie in a Bottle" by Christina Aguilara; "All that She Wants" by Ace of Base; "I'll be Watching You" by the Police; "Summertime" by Will Smith.

The Wilmore week-end was really great. Mom and Dad kept all three boys so that we could take in the full experience, and that we did. I felt God's gentle reminder not to forget the lessons that we learned during Don's time in seminary. Much like he told the Israelites when they were about to cross into the promised land, I felt him telling me to remember His mighty works. It's unbelievable how quickly I forget. Oh Lord, help me to remember! And help me to tell my children, so that they will know of your faithfulness to us.
We spent some quality time with some very dear friends. We appreciate you, and realize what treasures we have in each of you!


There's a Backyardagans song that goes like this:

I'm a soccer monster, I love a soccer ball.
I'd rather play soccer than do anything at all.
SOCCER! Yea 1,2,3,4,
SOCCER! Put the ball on the floor.
SOCCER! Yell it one time more.
SOCCER! Pass, shoot, score. Pass, shoot score.

Well, if you can past the pitiful thought that I have a Nick Jr. cartoon memorized, it's kindof a appropriate for these photo captions. Luke has been a soccer monster this season! They have both done really well. But we have seen Luke really take off with it. It's so fun to watch them play!

Coach Don, handing out the trophies. :)


JD climbing a tree in our backyard (one of Luke's favorite things to do, too!)

Finding Easter baskets on Easter morning:

Dying Easter Eggs.

And here's to the mother of the year: we'll entitle this photo "choking hazard and tantrum alert." Yikes...

They had a great time hunting for eggs. Thanks, Aunt Laura!!

Fun with bubbles

Ah, the simple joys of life.

Luke's Easter Egg hunt

Does hunting for eggs ever get old?
Jon David did not have an Easter Egg hunt at his school this year... I guess you do eventually grow out of things like that. Luke seems big in these pics. He had a great time!

Luke's Kindergarten class at Perry Primary: 2011. His teachers have been such a blessing!

Caleb: 22 months

Well, Caleb is 22 months old. Here are a few pics from his young days of 21 months.

He has really taken off with talking lately. If I ask him a question or tell him we're going to do something, then say "OK?" He will respond with an adorable "K" right back at me. Sometimes, he will even take the trouble of removing his thumb from his mouth in order to articulate. :)
He said "Daw daw" the other day for hot dog. He says "booKKK" for book (extra K emphasis). This is probably because I call them "story bookies" to him. So he might be attempting to say bookie instead of book. He and his two older brothers just spent four days w/Mom and Dad so that Don and I could enjoy Don's graduation week-end in Wilmore. He did great! He bonded with them quickly. He says "juice," and "shoes." For "mine" he says "Minah!" Too funny... but might not be in a few more days... He says "Blankie" for blanket and Cookkkk for cookie. He is really growing up! I think he grew during the four days he spent in Columbus. He will come up and either tug on your pants or push you from behind if he wants you to go somewhere with him. He has a way of communicating without being able to say all of the words that he needs to. He is a trip! Mom and Dad said that one day, they put him down for a nap, and heard him complaining. Finally, Mom went in to check on him, and he had grabbed a few things from the suitcase on the bed by reaching over his crib, and in the best Caleb talk possible, was pointing to the things that he had dropped between his crib and the bed, explaining himself in hilarious gibberish. :) What a blessing to have grandparents close by!!!

He is a riot. We are so blessed to have this little boy in our lives.

He likes getting into my make-up bag...
Some of his favorite toys: cars! :)

Night night, precious one!

Happy birthday, Luke!

Luke had a great time celebrating turning six.

You get the picture.s.

Who doesn't like opening gifts?

They were all a HIT!

This picture of him hugging Dad is precious to me.

Sometimes, toes just help you read better!
This picture is blurry, but it captures his excitement upon seeing his and JD's joint gift: a basketball goal from Grandma and Grandaddy!!
And needless to say, Caleb was well taken care of too, as always! ;)

Happy birthday, six year old!!


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