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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Look Mom, no training wheels!

Well, Jon David did it! And Luke is quickly learning how to balance himself on his razor.

Yesterday, we had a family movie night. The boys chose The Incredibles (one that we have seen frequently together). It was so much fun! Don grilled some chicken for us, and hot dogs for the boys. They ate on their TV trays, and Jon David said it was one of the best days ever! :)
If I were to guess, I would say that their favorite character from the movie is Dash. They love to pretend like they can run fast like he can. They love to quote Edna (a slightly more obscure character who makes the Incredibles' costumes): "Daaaaaahling!... Come in, come come!.... What are you talking about??!!" are just a few of their favorite quotes from the movie. They also like it when Mr. Incredible accidentally bashes his car door, and asks the neighbor boy what he is waiting for: "I don't know, something amazing, I guess..."
I actually really like this movie. I would count it as one of my favorite animated movies. They have some real life parallels that are hysterical. For instance, when Elastigirl is trying to save Mr. Incredible, Dash and Violet are left alone in a cave, and Violet is scolding Dash: "Do you realize that Mom and Dad's lives could be in danger? Or worse, their marriage?" Dash (sarcastically): "You think someone is trying to wreck Mom and Dad's marriage?" Violet: "Oh, forget it, you're so immature."
It's interesting to me how they tie in the whole mid life crises phenomenon with Mr. Incredible struggling with becoming part of the regular working class, and not a hero anymore.
I also really like how they contrast working husband vs. stay-at-home-Mom so accurately (in a caricature--sp!-- sort of way). Once Mr. Incredible gets sucked in to what seems like a heroic, yet "cushy" job, he gets to travel, stay at nice suites, and eat shrimp, while Ellen (Elastigirl--the wife) is at home vaccuming and dealing with three kids. It's just so funny how a cartoon can have such true-to-life elements.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

16 weeks pic... careful with the comments. Be nice! :)

Don is becoming quite the barber. Here are Jon David's before and after shots:

I didn't get a before shot of Luke. But here are his haircut photos. Now, if only I could train Don to do my hair. Does anyone out there cut your own hair? Is there a cut your own hair for dummies book or something?

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here! I was so excited. The boys and I met a friend at a park. The boys discovered a creek. It was boy heaven! I must say, I am giving a lot more showers here than I did in Colorado. Between soccer practice, creek discovering, and playing in the neighbor's sandbox, I have dirty little boys a LOT. The other boys who were with us--Nathan and Wesley, were brave and stomped right in the water. I guess you could tell that I have some city boys, because they just sort of stared at them at first. Well, you might have guessed it before seeing the pics. It didn't take long... Jon David ventured in first, and then Luke followed. They had a blast. I found myself trying to explain what a crawdad was (sp? crawdaddy?? Where is uncle Scott when you need him!).

We just got back from Jon David's Spring music program at his school. It was cute and interesting. They had six classes performing at once. And the session that Jon David performed in was the first of four performances total this evening! Talk about herding cattle! They were organized. In one door, and out another... mooo!!!! mdr (that's lol in French btw. Ha!) Jon David did great. He is loving this school, which is a HUGE answer to prayer! Thank you, Lord!!! Oh, he is towards the middle of this next pic, with the plad button down, doing the hand motions.

Above and below, you can see that he is next to a little girl in a pink sweater. I'm pretty sure that her name is "Lilian", and that this was the first friend he made at this school. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

A few famous Luke quotes:
"You don't have to be scared in the dark, because God and Jesus can give you light!" (something like that)
Today, after I put a note in his clubhouse mailbox, Jon David was trying to read his note to him. It said I love you thiiiiiiiiiis much!" Luke says "that's being a bucket filler. Somebody filled my bucket!" I came in and gave him a hug and he said "Mommy, you filled my bucket!" --more on the bucket filling stuff later.

A Jon David quote: "Mom, you remember when you married Daddy? That was the most perfect, right thing. He's a great Daddy." :)

OK, so real quick about filling up a bucket. Mom sent us this book a couple of weeks ago --huge thanks Mom!! It's called "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud. I recommend it for kids my kids ages 3-5 ish, and really 2 ish through elementary would benefit. Its basic premise is that everyone has a bucket. You fill someone's bucket by doing something nice to that person, and you empty it by being mean. In fact, you then become a "bucket dipper"--or bucket scooper, as Luke would say. Of course, the book describes these things with adorable examples from everyday life, that every kid can relate to. It's been great for us. We have been struggling with Luke "visiting" Jon David on the top bunk at night. Once, I came in to discipline him, and told him that this is not being a bucket filler! (Mom's version of "Mommy is not happy!!"--that one's for you, Mom!). It broke his little heart. He cried... I would like to say that after that, we never had another episode of him getting out of bed... Yea, right. But if anything, the book has been very helpful in finding creative ways of addressing boring problems, such as the boys arguing, being negative, complaining, etc...

Back to Luke quotes: "Mommy, what if I could fly down the stairs?"... Yikes...

I tried to record one of their most recent discoveries in descending the stairs:

"Out of the mouths of babes"

Some quotes from Luke:
Yesterday, while Jon David was at school, and after he discovered that he could therefore not play with him "Well, I guess God and Jesus are the only ones I can play with."
Today, after I put mail in his clubhouse mailbox, saying I love him very much (Mom, you'll appreciate this one!) "Wow, that's being a bucket filler. Somebody jutht feeled my bucket!" (More on the bucket story later).

A quote from Jon David:
"Mom, remember when you married Dad? (Me: yes) That was the most perfect, right thing. He's a great Daddy."

So, back to the bucket thing. About a week ago, we received a book from Mom, called "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" Jon David and Luke have been having trouble getting along, not arguing, etc... So this book came at a perfect time!!! Thanks, Mom! The premise is that everyone in the world has a bucket. When someone does something mean, they empty happiness out of someone else's bucket. When you do something nice, then you fill up a bucket with happiness. Anyway, I would highly recommend it! Luke especially has especially latched on to the concept of emptying and filling buckets. We have been struggling with him "visiting" Jon David on the top bunk too much. One night, (after he got out of bed and went up to JD AGAIN), I said "Luke, you emptied my bucket." It broke his heart. Incidentally, I would like to say that from then on, he never got out of bed again... wrong! But anyway, it seems to have helped them. If anything, we can now talk about filling and emptying buckets, instead of saying the same things over and over again (stop arguing, be quiet, take turns, etc...).

Another Luke quote, from last month "What if I could fly off of the top of the stairs?" (I can't remember it exactly)... Yikes! Boys and their crazy aspirations! I got both of them on video today, doing their stair sliding thing:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Da boys

Jon David and Luke are adjusting very well to life here in Wilmore. The townhouse is smaller than what they are used to, and they are sharing a room for the first time. Despite the arguing that they sometimes struggle with, they are getting used to things.
Jon David actually used to do this in Castle Rock some: he likes to create an area in the house that is his own personal space. So, he will occasionally build a fort with blankets and chairs, and make a sign that looks like this:

Translation: "Jon David only"
He usually stashes several of his toys and enjoys hiding away and feeling like he can be all alone. Of course, this usually creates a problem for Luke, who LOVES his brother (Jon David LOVES him too, of course). Sweet Luke likes most anything that Jon David does, so he either tries to sneak in or negotiate entry with Jon David. The result of this is typically Jon David then making Luke his own place as well. Anyway, in Jon David's most recent construction, he added a paper towel roll to the top of the piano bench (which provided one of the "self place" walls). He used this as his mail box. He occasionally said "Mom, I still don't have any mail yet." I took the hint and wrote him a note saying that I loved him and whatever other Mommyish things I could think of that a kindergartener could read. He responded with this note:
Clarification: thank u foor the ledr I hav sumtheg foo you too.

Translation: Thank you for the letter. I have something for you, too.

Well, what can I say... Sort a made my heart melt. Unfortunately, he went to bed early tonight with a nasty cold... Sweet boy. He also had his first soccer practice here in Wilmore yesterday. Fun times.

As for Luke! We had a good talk the other day while Jon David was in school. He said that we do not want to die. I said that is true, but if we do, we'll go to heaven, and that we shouldn't be afraid of dying, because God is with us (if only I could believe that simple truth to the point of not worrying!!!!). He said something about how God is with him some, and with me some, and with Jon David some... I said actually, God and Jesus can be with everyone of us at the same time. Then he said "ten billion God and Jethuthes!!!" (I think ten billion is his favorite number.) I said well, no, not exactly, and tried to explain that they are one, but could be in each of us at the same time... don't ask me to repeat it exactly. I'm sure millions of theologeans out there would have laughed out loud!
Another thing that he is becoming more and more curious about is Star Wars. The other day, as I was walking with him to pick up JD at school, we had a pretty intense discussion about Darth Vader, and how he was bad, but turned good at the end. And how Luke (Skywalker) got to see his father before he died. He is really big into bad guys and good guys, and likes to get it straight in his mind who is who. I'm not sure what has brought on this Star Wars fascination. They each have two figures that they got for Christmas. But my guess is that they keep seeing the VHS tapes in our video box, and with friends talking about it, and friends having video games, their curiosity is rising. Anyway, all of this has led to Don letting them watch snippets of the movie today, and yesterday. An historical moment in our household! And you should see their faces when they watch. They are mesmerized. So far, we have fast-forwarded through a few select Darth Vader scenes, and the sand people capturing Luke. They have seen Luke, Darth Vader, Princess Lea, Chewy(sp) --they think he is hilarious the way he talks--OBWan Kenobe... Oh yikes w/ the sp... and of course R2D2 and C3PO. It's pretty cool to watch it with them. They have so many questions. They are still really young to grasp exactly what is going on, but it's fun anyway.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Below, a few miscellaneous memories of our 2 1/2 years in Castle Rock.

OK, so I ran across a blog with this cool slide show tonight, and thought How cool is this?? So I had to try it! Knowing me, this is old to most of you, and you're thinking, Get a grip! Oh well, I had fun!
For those of you who are getting this in e-mail format... sorry for the triple send!
Anyway, on a more random note, JD's latest memorable quote: "Mom, in heaven, I can do whatever I want, cause there's no mistakes!" Man... I can't wait until I don't mess up anymore!

Don and I have been watching movies with Jon David and Luke lately. It's kinda cool that we can enjoy movies together now--Cars, Finding Nemo, Kung Fu Panda (a personal fave! Is Jack Black gut splitting or what?). It's interesting too, how the creators sometimes have a way of weaving in stuff with deep meaning into a cartoon. For instance, if you remember the scene in Finding Nemo (first of all, Ellen Degeneras --sp....gasp-- is histerical in that movie...) when Dori (Ellen--voice), and Marlin (Daddy of Nemo) are in the whale's mouth? They get caught here towards the end of the movie, and Marlin is officially depressed b/c of how close he had finally come to actually finding his son. He is lying down on the tongue of the whale, hopeless and helpless. Dori says "there, there, it's going to be allright." Marlin says something like "it's my fault. I didn't want anything to ever happen to him." Dori says "that's a funny thing to wish for... If you never let anything happen to him, then nothing will ever happen to him... Not much fun for little Harpo" (haha--in the movie, Dori has short term memory loss, so she forgets Nemo's name chronicly...well, it's funny when you watch it). Anyway, the point is, you can't hold on to your kids too tightly, or they'll never learn anything.
Wow, and that much philosophy from a pixar flick! Pretty cool, huh?
OK, so there's my semi deep thought for the day. Now, I guess I need to clean up the kitchen... again.


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