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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Look Mom, no training wheels!

Well, Jon David did it! And Luke is quickly learning how to balance himself on his razor.

Yesterday, we had a family movie night. The boys chose The Incredibles (one that we have seen frequently together). It was so much fun! Don grilled some chicken for us, and hot dogs for the boys. They ate on their TV trays, and Jon David said it was one of the best days ever! :)
If I were to guess, I would say that their favorite character from the movie is Dash. They love to pretend like they can run fast like he can. They love to quote Edna (a slightly more obscure character who makes the Incredibles' costumes): "Daaaaaahling!... Come in, come come!.... What are you talking about??!!" are just a few of their favorite quotes from the movie. They also like it when Mr. Incredible accidentally bashes his car door, and asks the neighbor boy what he is waiting for: "I don't know, something amazing, I guess..."
I actually really like this movie. I would count it as one of my favorite animated movies. They have some real life parallels that are hysterical. For instance, when Elastigirl is trying to save Mr. Incredible, Dash and Violet are left alone in a cave, and Violet is scolding Dash: "Do you realize that Mom and Dad's lives could be in danger? Or worse, their marriage?" Dash (sarcastically): "You think someone is trying to wreck Mom and Dad's marriage?" Violet: "Oh, forget it, you're so immature."
It's interesting to me how they tie in the whole mid life crises phenomenon with Mr. Incredible struggling with becoming part of the regular working class, and not a hero anymore.
I also really like how they contrast working husband vs. stay-at-home-Mom so accurately (in a caricature--sp!-- sort of way). Once Mr. Incredible gets sucked in to what seems like a heroic, yet "cushy" job, he gets to travel, stay at nice suites, and eat shrimp, while Ellen (Elastigirl--the wife) is at home vaccuming and dealing with three kids. It's just so funny how a cartoon can have such true-to-life elements.

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