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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Da boys

Jon David and Luke are adjusting very well to life here in Wilmore. The townhouse is smaller than what they are used to, and they are sharing a room for the first time. Despite the arguing that they sometimes struggle with, they are getting used to things.
Jon David actually used to do this in Castle Rock some: he likes to create an area in the house that is his own personal space. So, he will occasionally build a fort with blankets and chairs, and make a sign that looks like this:

Translation: "Jon David only"
He usually stashes several of his toys and enjoys hiding away and feeling like he can be all alone. Of course, this usually creates a problem for Luke, who LOVES his brother (Jon David LOVES him too, of course). Sweet Luke likes most anything that Jon David does, so he either tries to sneak in or negotiate entry with Jon David. The result of this is typically Jon David then making Luke his own place as well. Anyway, in Jon David's most recent construction, he added a paper towel roll to the top of the piano bench (which provided one of the "self place" walls). He used this as his mail box. He occasionally said "Mom, I still don't have any mail yet." I took the hint and wrote him a note saying that I loved him and whatever other Mommyish things I could think of that a kindergartener could read. He responded with this note:
Clarification: thank u foor the ledr I hav sumtheg foo you too.

Translation: Thank you for the letter. I have something for you, too.

Well, what can I say... Sort a made my heart melt. Unfortunately, he went to bed early tonight with a nasty cold... Sweet boy. He also had his first soccer practice here in Wilmore yesterday. Fun times.

As for Luke! We had a good talk the other day while Jon David was in school. He said that we do not want to die. I said that is true, but if we do, we'll go to heaven, and that we shouldn't be afraid of dying, because God is with us (if only I could believe that simple truth to the point of not worrying!!!!). He said something about how God is with him some, and with me some, and with Jon David some... I said actually, God and Jesus can be with everyone of us at the same time. Then he said "ten billion God and Jethuthes!!!" (I think ten billion is his favorite number.) I said well, no, not exactly, and tried to explain that they are one, but could be in each of us at the same time... don't ask me to repeat it exactly. I'm sure millions of theologeans out there would have laughed out loud!
Another thing that he is becoming more and more curious about is Star Wars. The other day, as I was walking with him to pick up JD at school, we had a pretty intense discussion about Darth Vader, and how he was bad, but turned good at the end. And how Luke (Skywalker) got to see his father before he died. He is really big into bad guys and good guys, and likes to get it straight in his mind who is who. I'm not sure what has brought on this Star Wars fascination. They each have two figures that they got for Christmas. But my guess is that they keep seeing the VHS tapes in our video box, and with friends talking about it, and friends having video games, their curiosity is rising. Anyway, all of this has led to Don letting them watch snippets of the movie today, and yesterday. An historical moment in our household! And you should see their faces when they watch. They are mesmerized. So far, we have fast-forwarded through a few select Darth Vader scenes, and the sand people capturing Luke. They have seen Luke, Darth Vader, Princess Lea, Chewy(sp) --they think he is hilarious the way he talks--OBWan Kenobe... Oh yikes w/ the sp... and of course R2D2 and C3PO. It's pretty cool to watch it with them. They have so many questions. They are still really young to grasp exactly what is going on, but it's fun anyway.


  1. Oh my goodness... I almost cried when I saw the letter Jon David wrote to you, I guess that's what makes being a mom so amazing. I can't believe he can already write like that. It's so cute how he spells things, but he obviously gets phoenetics. He's so advanced! I love you guys

  2. I stumbled across your blog. So glad I did! I will add you to my list. We are happy things are going well for you guys!



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