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Saturday, February 28, 2009

a nice day

I had to capture one of the 5 nice days that we have had in February here. Today is the last day of Feb, but I think we're due some snow tomorrow... the first day of March...

(Above:) There's the baby bump for ya!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A few typical moments in the Caulley household:
(Luke seems to be so cracked up, he can't keep his hands out of his mouth!)
They are watching the Jungle Book (the monkey scene).

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well, I'm learning about "resting." Since it has been sooooo extremely wintry here, and we have all been house bound, we have been forced to rest. I confess, I have not liked it a whole lot at times. I mean, I love sleeping in (major props to Don for letting me sleep in EVERY DAY basically since I have been prego!!!). But it's days like today when I am bored, and dying to get out and do something fun, and have a schedule, and a life, and... well, you get the picture...these are the days that it gets to me. Don has been doing a great job of reminding me that I should take this opportunity to rest. Today is Sunday. We went to church this morning, had a leisurely lunch ("out"--which meant I didn't cook :), and then came home and did, well, nothing! The boys watched a movie, and I wasn't sure what to do with myself. It's a feeling that has become quite foreign to me. It's funny how uncomfortable I feel when I don't have an agenda, you know, something to do, something to plan for, look forward to, etc... I realize now that although I have had moments when I was so busy out of my mind that it overwhelmed me, there was a part of me that liked it: I saw those days as a tremendous challenge. I have to say that I am very thankful to God for putting me in a place where, at least for the time being, I have to rest. I think it's a little like when you go on vacation and it takes a couple of full days to decompress, before you can actually enjoy relaxing... So I'm getting there slowly but surely.
Opportunities are popping up to do things I haven't done in ages, like looking through old photo albums, talk to Mom a little more on the phone :), randomly play board games with the boys... It's kind of cool. And I know that this season will pass. So, thank you, Lord!
Alright, so Jon David is keeping us on our toes lately with talking back every once in a while... not the most fun stage in the world. He does, however, still have some very endearing moments, and some just down right funny ones. The other day he said: "I'm just kidding, Mom, NOT adult-ing." He thought he was so cute. I have to admit, it was kind of clever. Then today, he was watching Robin Hood with Luke. This shows how spoiled they are with HD and computer animation, etc.... He goes "these guys all look like they are on posters or something." In other words, step up the cartoon quality, dudes! Ha!
We went to a different church today, and they were troopers. They have gotten really good about going different places and being OK. I am proud of them. Jon David definitely misses his old friends, though. As we left church today, he said that he wanted to go back to Colorado right away, because he missed his friends... kind of heart breaking. But he didn't cry, and he really likes his school, still. They are supposed to have a cookie and hot chocolate party tomorrow for having good attendance as a class or something.
Luke is doing really well. He is my tag along buddy for the millions of errands I have had to do lately: picking up JD from school (more props to Don, who takes him to school every morning!), sitting in waiting rooms at the health department, getting paper work done for JD for school, and just stuff for us to live here, ya know? He is improving a lot on the lying thing. Now, we are working on him staying in bed at night, and not crawling up to JD's bunk on top. He has been going through a growth spurt, too. He is growing out of some of his clothes. He had to get a finger stick the other day at the health dept., and he didn't cry at all! He kept staring at it... I told him that now he could know what blood looks like! (So that he could stop crying wolf to get a band-aid :). He is so brave about stuff like that. He and Jon David are such good buds. They love each other very much. They like to try to draw each other pictures and stuff. It's really sweet. I hope it lasts!
Here are a few pics of us in the new place: (Talking to Mimomo, below--the next four)

Above and next two: my favorite part of the townhouse: the back yard!


The cars that made it cross country in a snow and ice storm! :)

Front entrance

More backyard pics

The piano that made it! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A few random pics from before we left Castle Rock:

(above: Luke James)


Evelynn Joyce Caulley

Reading time with Daddy

Uncle David!
Next post is new, too... sorry they are separate, still figuring out this bloggin thaing!

Family news

Well, the boys both have colds, so Don went to church this morning while I stayed home. I didn't want snot and goop to be part of our first impression, besides them being contagious and puny.
It gave me a chance to just hang wit' da boys. JD and I had a neat conversation at lunch. He said "you know how God made Adam and Eve? When did he make all of us? Are we just extras?" Ha. I tried to explain to him that we're all equal in God's sight. None of us are really just considered "extras." Kind of cool to think that we are just as important as those two, huh! I do wonder what it would have been like, though, to just pop into existence fully grown... no potty training, adolescence? Maybe... but boy, if they skipped that one, what a blessing!
Jon David is doing well. I think this move has been a little tough on him--tougher than moving to Castle Rock 2 1/2 years ago. Mainly because he is older now. He had friends that he missed when he was three, but now, he has even more... He's a trouper, though. He likes his new school and teacher. I think it helps that they feed him breakfast every morning. I must say, it's really nice that he doesn't come from school starving to death. Poor kid: he was blessed with a high metabolism! So eating is one of his love languages ;) He said he made a new friend at school this past Thursday, and having a valentine party on Friday definitely helped.
As for Luke, I think the move is taking a little more of a toll on him than I expected. He is doing well, too, but it seems like he argues with Jon David constantly. They are both trying their boundaries, and I think he doesn't quite get that we are not returning to Castle Rock for a long time. Just the other day, he said "Mommy, can we drive for three days and go to Mike and Kristi's house?" Sounds sweet, huh. Turns out he wanted to go back and play with the wii... Ha! He and Jon David love their Aunt, Uncle and cousins. Luke really bonded with McKenzie during the time we lived in C.R. She was great at playing with him and JD. Thanks, Kenzie!
Also, he is into band-aids right now, I think. The other day, he said he hurt himself, and that there was lots of blood. I guess he knows that I can be a band-aid miser. I tried to explain to him that blood is red liquidy stuff. So then, another time, he said he had some red, watery stuff, and needed and band-aid. Funny. Today, he scraped his foot... same story. "Mommy, I need a band-aid, there'th thome blood. It'th like red, watery thtuff." "No, Luke, I said. Don't lie to your Mommy! (we've been struggling with that some)." Finally, I looked at his foot, and sure enough, it was a bright red scrape--it had barely broken the skin... who knew! Well, he won and got a band-aid. He has been limping quite dramatically ever since--hilarious.
As for Don and me, we are doing well. Morning sickness is beginning to subside occasionally. Thank you, Lord!
My sweet husband grilled steaks for us last night for Valentine's day. Yum! Totally hit the spot for my finicky pregnant belly.
We ventured out to the Lexington mall yesterday, thinking that it would be a fun outing with the kids. I think the entire population of Lexington had the same idea... Don is not a crowd person anyway. As for me, yea, usually I love being around lots of people. It was too much even for me.
You know, there's a slightly different mentality being back here. And I still can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe slower is the right word. It's good and bad, ya know? It's great when you're just wanting to hang out on the front porch and have a drink or something. But not so great when you're at Warmart, and trying to get out of there in time to cook dinner... Walmart, ugh... different story.
OK, enough mumbo jumbo.
Lata (btw: this is supposed to be pronounced "laytah!"). Don thought that I should spell it lat-a...not workin for me. We'll try this one. Lata

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 I'm finally blogging!

I am sitting in the living room of our townhouse in Wilmore, KY (just think about Mayberry and you've got a pretty good pic).
A couple of months ago, Don and I got that familiar nudging of "it's time to go..." This time, it was to pursue a new career for Don. We pray that God will carry out this plan to completion--with the finished product of Don becoming a college prof!
Am I tired of moving? Well, yea. Do I think that this is our last move? Nah... I am trying to be inspired by Abraham and Sarah. I think sometimes I'm more inspired than others.
I have to say, however, that there is a good feeling here in Wilmore. People seem to know how to live simply. It's quite refreshing. I am realizing more and more how attached to my things I have gotten--especially as I see box after box of "stuff" going out the front door either to a dumpster or charity -- in attempt to keep our apt. from drowning in clutter. It's a good thing. I am realizing how little I actually need in order to live from day to day.
I am not sure how great of a blogger I'm going to be... We'll see! Boy... it's a weird kind of feeling, knowing that this casual composition is about to be sent out into all sorts of random nooks and cranies of cyber space...


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