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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 I'm finally blogging!

I am sitting in the living room of our townhouse in Wilmore, KY (just think about Mayberry and you've got a pretty good pic).
A couple of months ago, Don and I got that familiar nudging of "it's time to go..." This time, it was to pursue a new career for Don. We pray that God will carry out this plan to completion--with the finished product of Don becoming a college prof!
Am I tired of moving? Well, yea. Do I think that this is our last move? Nah... I am trying to be inspired by Abraham and Sarah. I think sometimes I'm more inspired than others.
I have to say, however, that there is a good feeling here in Wilmore. People seem to know how to live simply. It's quite refreshing. I am realizing more and more how attached to my things I have gotten--especially as I see box after box of "stuff" going out the front door either to a dumpster or charity -- in attempt to keep our apt. from drowning in clutter. It's a good thing. I am realizing how little I actually need in order to live from day to day.
I am not sure how great of a blogger I'm going to be... We'll see! Boy... it's a weird kind of feeling, knowing that this casual composition is about to be sent out into all sorts of random nooks and cranies of cyber space...


  1. WOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT. I am calling you today....dan said you left a message. ;)


  2. I'm so glad you're blogging... now all the sibblings are posting their lives for the world to see!!! I loved hanging out with you guys last weekend!



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