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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ahhh... The beach!!

On Sunday (a week and a half ago), we headed for the condo that Rich, Laura, Mike and Wendy so graciously let us use. It was wonderful!! I feel like I have truly been on vacation for the first time in a while. I think it's a combination of things: the fact that Jon David and Luke are older and much lower maintenance than they used to be (no babies or toddlers anymore--but not for long!); Don is doing sooooo much with them (they are at an age now where they love their Daddy time--not that they didn't before, but you can tell that these boys need their Daddy more and more and love spending time with him); family has been AWESOME to entertain them too. Anyway, for the first time in a very long time, I feel like I am sitting back and truly relaxing. I have found myself sitting on a beach chair watching them play, sitting on a pool chair watching them play, watching a show with them on the couch, heading out with Don for some time together while Grandparents watch the kids. So THANK you to Don, Grandparents, and all of our family for helping to make this vacation so incredible for me!!!!!!
Rich, Laura, Nicholas and Andrew were with us at the condo. We had such a great time together! We had two full days there, which mostly consisted of getting up and heading to the beach after breakfast; rinsing off and swimming in the pool; coming in for lunch and games or a movie to avoid the afternoon sun; more beach and pool time; and on the last night: Crabby Bill's!! Yum. :)
BTW, I guess I haven't blogged about this yet, but I do have gestational diabetes. Mostly, it has not been a huge issue. I'm sure Don would laugh at this comment, so I'll add some honesty here: I have definitely had days that I have been super discouraged about it. At first, I was frustrated and depressed at the thought of altering my eating habits... Afterall, isn't eating supposed to be one of the perks of being pregnant? But then I realized that there are some advantages to staying on a strict diet: most importantly, helping to protect the health of this precious baby, and my health too; but also, potentially avoiding having another 9 lbs. baby (I love you, Luke James!!!); finally, maybe avoiding feeling as huge as I did in my two previous pregnancies... I don't know about the last one. I think huge comes with the territory no matter what, but I guess it's still worth a try! I have had my ups and downs. One day recently I had two bad readings in a row and got very depressed. I felt like I was trying to do exactly what I was supposed to, but to no avail. Since then, I have felt very hungry a lot and wondered if I am eating enough food to support the baby... Ugh. Right now, I feel pretty good about it. I get tired a LOT though. And I'm not even quite 7 mo yet... I wonder if my blood sugar stays too low now. But I'm actively trying to adjust... Oh well. I suppose all of this is good conversation material for the mid-wife at my next apt.
I'm feel like I'm getting a little behind on my blogging--I still have so much to write about.
Also, I'm posting from Mom and Dad's computer, so I'm not sure why, but I am unable to place the pictures in the order that I would like. I would rather post them like this instead of risking losing them. Sorry! The group pic of us and Rich and Laura's fam is at Crabby Bill's restaurant. I think the rest in pretty self-explanatory.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On to Tampa, FL

We woke up Thursday morning and headed to Tampa, FL to visit Rich, Laura, Andrew, and Nicholas Caulley. It was so good to see them! Our visit was complete with pool time, indoor playtime with legos, star wars figures, dress up (starwars costumes, of course), foosball (sp??), air hockey, a visit to the local spray grounds, playing basketball on the lanai, and Aunt Laura's very cool crafts (pearler beads, shrinky dinks, and regular drawing of course). Jon David really loves Aunt Laura and all of her creative ideas!! Crafts are especially right down his alley.
We started off by celebrating Laura's birthday. It was fun to be there on her birthday!

Below is a pic of Don throwing Andrew in their pool. Andrew loved this! It looks a little scary to me... Actually, all of the boys loved it.

On Saturday, Rich, Laura, Andrew, and Nicholas all left for a soccer tournament. They were so sweet to let us use their house to host a visit from my brother Daniel and his fam. We had a great time!!
Mel, I'm sure you can find some comments to go along with this pic. But I thought it was cute of you guys. :)

It was so good to see them. The kids got along really well, and Don and I really enjoyed having an entire day to catch up on their lives, catch them up on our lives, etc... It was a real blessing. More playing with legos, craft time, pool time, dress up, riding toys...

It was pretty cool to see Luke and Daisy hit it off. They had a great time playing together.

Above, Jon David the storm trooper.
Below, I gotta hand it to Daisy. Using boy dress up clothes to look snazy!!
Above, Jon David riding Andrew's bike. Below, Isaac, Isaac, co, co, co. :)
Pool time part two!

Melanie, this pic cracked me up, too. I think I might have captured the water in Luke's goggles.

Coming soon... the beach! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A trip down South

Well, first of all, for all of you who prayed for me last week, my sugar test went very well on Saturday. I don't know the results yet, but I was eager to get the actual test overwith. And things went well. So thank you. I never enjoy fasting for 12 hours, and even less drinking an annoyingly sugary beverage on an empty stomach, and then waiting for 3 or 4 more hours, AND getting my blood drawn four times while I wait. So thank you, Lord, that's overwith. :)

As soon as the test was over, I grabbed some lunch, went home, and joined my family in throwing a few last minute things in the car. My wonderful husband had taken care of the boys all morning, fed them their meals, and loaded up the car so that we would be totally ready to go. We made good time to Atlanta, GA, where we stayed with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Chris. I have to throw in that their house is adorable! I love their taste in decor. Everything was so clean, and we felt very welcomed and at home. I would definitely recommend the Nicholson hotel to any passers through. Thanks, guys!!! Also, Chris totally hooked me up with some delicious grilled salmon, rice, and bacon wrapped green beans (grandma would be proud of my accurate meal report :). The boys loved Emory--one of the sweetest dogs they have ever been around. They didn't want to leave!

BTW, they played with Emory a lot while she was out of her cage. I'm not really sure why I don't have any pics of that... And Chris left for church before I could catch him in a pic too. Sorry Chris! We love you :)

Not loving how I'm looking in these photos... but it's reality, and it's going to be worth it! :)

We loaded the boys back up in the morning, and continued on to Thomasville. On the way, we crossed Rich and Laura, who were on their way to Atlanta. We met at a gas station. It was so fun and unexpected! The boys loved seeing their cousins, Nicholas and Andrew.

We were so excited to arrive at Grandma and Grandaddy's. After playing for a while, we went outside, and Grandaddy got the fishing poles out. Jon David has been wanting to fish for a year or more. This was their first time, and they had a blast. Jon David really got into it. He was able to do it by himself after a while. Luke was a little more skiddish (sp?). When Grandaddy would swing the line back towards him, he would back away from the fish. It kind of gave him the willies. But then he always wanted to try again. :) Sweet boy.

(In above pic, fish is at Luke's foot).

So proud!
This pic below explains Luke's fishing experience: :)

The first full day that we were here, we went to eat lunch at Izzo's--a restaurant in downtown Thomasville that has been around a long time. It used to be a pharmacy I think. I was very old fashioned looking, but very well maintained. Burgers, dogs, shakes, yum!
Again, a pic far from flattering... I'm being brave and posting it anyway.

The past few days have been filled with the YMCA pool, playing inside, playing outside, meeting nice neighbors, playing with them, shopping, golf. Anyway, we're having a great time so far. It's nice to have some relaxing vacation time.

Luke and Jon David don't want to leave. Yesterday, Tigger (Grandma and Grandaddy's dog) hopped up on the couch beside Luke. Luke was thrilled. He said "Mom, I want to stay here forever." :) It was so sweet.



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