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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On to Tampa, FL

We woke up Thursday morning and headed to Tampa, FL to visit Rich, Laura, Andrew, and Nicholas Caulley. It was so good to see them! Our visit was complete with pool time, indoor playtime with legos, star wars figures, dress up (starwars costumes, of course), foosball (sp??), air hockey, a visit to the local spray grounds, playing basketball on the lanai, and Aunt Laura's very cool crafts (pearler beads, shrinky dinks, and regular drawing of course). Jon David really loves Aunt Laura and all of her creative ideas!! Crafts are especially right down his alley.
We started off by celebrating Laura's birthday. It was fun to be there on her birthday!

Below is a pic of Don throwing Andrew in their pool. Andrew loved this! It looks a little scary to me... Actually, all of the boys loved it.

On Saturday, Rich, Laura, Andrew, and Nicholas all left for a soccer tournament. They were so sweet to let us use their house to host a visit from my brother Daniel and his fam. We had a great time!!
Mel, I'm sure you can find some comments to go along with this pic. But I thought it was cute of you guys. :)

It was so good to see them. The kids got along really well, and Don and I really enjoyed having an entire day to catch up on their lives, catch them up on our lives, etc... It was a real blessing. More playing with legos, craft time, pool time, dress up, riding toys...

It was pretty cool to see Luke and Daisy hit it off. They had a great time playing together.

Above, Jon David the storm trooper.
Below, I gotta hand it to Daisy. Using boy dress up clothes to look snazy!!
Above, Jon David riding Andrew's bike. Below, Isaac, Isaac, co, co, co. :)
Pool time part two!

Melanie, this pic cracked me up, too. I think I might have captured the water in Luke's goggles.

Coming soon... the beach! :)


  1. it was good times. :) So I WAS there. HA. I saw proof in a picture! thanks Anna.

  2. Man, that looks like so much fun! Tell Don his arms look really buff in that picture where he is holding Luke... I think he posed that way on purpose:)



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