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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Caulley summer moments

Technically, the first day of summer was yesterday. But when my big guys are out of school, it feels like summer to me!

Below is a demonstration of Caleb trying to climb over my attempt to cook dinner in peace.

Caleb and Luke: P90X'in it with Don. Check out Caleb: far right above. Below is a blurry close up:

Oh, and there is this Go Fish educational center in Perry! Evidently, the Governor dumped a whole bunch of money into this project. I took the boys last week for the first time. We went with several other Moms' club moms. So fun!

Check it out! A scuba diver happened to be cleaning the tank that day.

Above: Caleb, making it "rain" on a map of the state of Georgia. Don't you wish he could do that in real life! LOL

Outside, we walked past several large aquariums, and there was even a crocodile in one of them! Mostly, it was different types of fish, though.

Below, Jon David is sitting in the one of the fishing boat simulators, trying to catch something!

One of my favorite parts was all of the nice workers walking around. You can tell that they really want visitors! They were good ole red necks at heart, helping my boys figure out how to hold the fishing pole. It was really cool! I had a surprisingly good time. The center was simple enough to be interesting for the kids to roam around and explore the different activities.

A visit to David and Eryn's

Long overdue! We finally made it. What a blessing to live close enough to do a day trip. We love y'all! Thanks for being so fun!

A puffle party

So Jon David and Luke have been into club penguin a lot. Jon David asked for a puffle for his birthday. I could explain, but well, I'm not sure it's worth it. :) It's a little stuffed toy that looks like a cloud with hair and a face. They are supposedly friends with the penguins on the web site.
You know, between puffles and silly bands, somebody is making a lot of money off of basically--nothing! Ha!
Well, it made Jon David happy, and it didn't cost much, so why not? They were kinda perfect as little cupcake faces, which made my life a little easier.

The different color icing turned the kids' tongues red or blue:

We did presents before games, mostly, since the games were water games.

We did some water relay games:

But the piece de resistance was Daddy doing a jedi training obstacle course, with water balloons and water guns ready to defeat him in the final battle.

Eventually, it all ended in merciless water soaking for everyone:

--which, after all, was the point. How else are you supposed to host a backyard birthday party in Georgia in May?

Happy birthday eight year old!!!

Summa time

I just recently heard that song (summertime) by Will Smith. Great song! Sorry it took me so long to discover it.

Mrs. G. Shipes (Luke's teacher assistant).
Mrs. D. Johnson (Luke's Kindergarten teacher). Thank you Lord for these ladies! They were great.

After Don's graduation, the end of school was at hand. Luke had an end of the year program.
Speaking of Luke, sweet boy: we just found out two weeks ago that he has a milk allergy. The allergist is saying no dairy for one year, then we might reintroduce it. We're talking no cheetos, no chocolate, no ice cream, no goldfish, no butter on toast... Sigh. Do you know my Luke James? Goldfish were part of his personal food pyramid! Not to mention cheetos and chocolate... Poor kid. Just when I thought my family's eating habits were complicated enough...
On the plus side, we are now being forced to eat healthier. More fruits and veggies. The trouble is, I still have picky eaters.
Here is an example of vegetable night at my house:

At the top we have Caleb's plate: mashed potatoes, spinach, a little bit of sweet potato, and I think I did some tylapia; bottom left is Luke: broccoli (his veggie of choice), with mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets; bottom right: Jon David's plate with chicken nuggets and sweet potato--he also had corn on the cob. And yes, top left is my salad spinner. So you can imagine what the kitchen looked like after using up this many dishes. If only there was more than one vegetable that EVERYBODY liked!
I've always wanted to be a low maintenance person. You know, the kind of person who can go anywhere, sleep any which way, eat whatever. I've wanted my family to be that way too. Wouldn't it be nice to take a trip, and whatever is served, your kids just gobble it up?
Not so with mine. But I love my family. And I have decided that the best thing that I can do is simply that: my very best. So I'll encourage them to try new things as much as I can, avoid the allergen triggers as much as I can, and if I feel like others look down on us for our funny eating habits, that's OK too. I'm starting to become familiar with processes such as calcium absorption, which foods contain the most calcium, and amazingly, I'm discovering that we can actually do without dairy. Also, dairy may not even have been that great for us in the first place! Crazy... Although I still think that if we had no issues, we'd all be having the occasional milk shake and Wendy's frosty. I have actually been struggling with random intestinal issues off and on for a while (that I am pretty sure are related to dairy intolerances), and am thankful for the opportunity to take the plunge with my two youngest sons into the dairy free world. You granola people out there, I have a new found respect for you. Give me your advice. I'm ready, and willing!


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