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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Caulley summer moments

Technically, the first day of summer was yesterday. But when my big guys are out of school, it feels like summer to me!

Below is a demonstration of Caleb trying to climb over my attempt to cook dinner in peace.

Caleb and Luke: P90X'in it with Don. Check out Caleb: far right above. Below is a blurry close up:

Oh, and there is this Go Fish educational center in Perry! Evidently, the Governor dumped a whole bunch of money into this project. I took the boys last week for the first time. We went with several other Moms' club moms. So fun!

Check it out! A scuba diver happened to be cleaning the tank that day.

Above: Caleb, making it "rain" on a map of the state of Georgia. Don't you wish he could do that in real life! LOL

Outside, we walked past several large aquariums, and there was even a crocodile in one of them! Mostly, it was different types of fish, though.

Below, Jon David is sitting in the one of the fishing boat simulators, trying to catch something!

One of my favorite parts was all of the nice workers walking around. You can tell that they really want visitors! They were good ole red necks at heart, helping my boys figure out how to hold the fishing pole. It was really cool! I had a surprisingly good time. The center was simple enough to be interesting for the kids to roam around and explore the different activities.

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