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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A puffle party

So Jon David and Luke have been into club penguin a lot. Jon David asked for a puffle for his birthday. I could explain, but well, I'm not sure it's worth it. :) It's a little stuffed toy that looks like a cloud with hair and a face. They are supposedly friends with the penguins on the web site.
You know, between puffles and silly bands, somebody is making a lot of money off of basically--nothing! Ha!
Well, it made Jon David happy, and it didn't cost much, so why not? They were kinda perfect as little cupcake faces, which made my life a little easier.

The different color icing turned the kids' tongues red or blue:

We did presents before games, mostly, since the games were water games.

We did some water relay games:

But the piece de resistance was Daddy doing a jedi training obstacle course, with water balloons and water guns ready to defeat him in the final battle.

Eventually, it all ended in merciless water soaking for everyone:

--which, after all, was the point. How else are you supposed to host a backyard birthday party in Georgia in May?

Happy birthday eight year old!!!

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