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Friday, March 13, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

A few famous Luke quotes:
"You don't have to be scared in the dark, because God and Jesus can give you light!" (something like that)
Today, after I put a note in his clubhouse mailbox, Jon David was trying to read his note to him. It said I love you thiiiiiiiiiis much!" Luke says "that's being a bucket filler. Somebody filled my bucket!" I came in and gave him a hug and he said "Mommy, you filled my bucket!" --more on the bucket filling stuff later.

A Jon David quote: "Mom, you remember when you married Daddy? That was the most perfect, right thing. He's a great Daddy." :)

OK, so real quick about filling up a bucket. Mom sent us this book a couple of weeks ago --huge thanks Mom!! It's called "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud. I recommend it for kids my kids ages 3-5 ish, and really 2 ish through elementary would benefit. Its basic premise is that everyone has a bucket. You fill someone's bucket by doing something nice to that person, and you empty it by being mean. In fact, you then become a "bucket dipper"--or bucket scooper, as Luke would say. Of course, the book describes these things with adorable examples from everyday life, that every kid can relate to. It's been great for us. We have been struggling with Luke "visiting" Jon David on the top bunk at night. Once, I came in to discipline him, and told him that this is not being a bucket filler! (Mom's version of "Mommy is not happy!!"--that one's for you, Mom!). It broke his little heart. He cried... I would like to say that after that, we never had another episode of him getting out of bed... Yea, right. But if anything, the book has been very helpful in finding creative ways of addressing boring problems, such as the boys arguing, being negative, complaining, etc...

Back to Luke quotes: "Mommy, what if I could fly down the stairs?"... Yikes...

I tried to record one of their most recent discoveries in descending the stairs:


  1. Way to go down the stairs, guys!
    Anna, I love your blog.
    James and I can't wait to visit, hopefully in the next few months -- with a stop in Hartselle off I-65N to see John & Marty (who've officially moved since their N'port house sold last week). We havn't stayed at a bed & breakfast since our honeymoon, so I'm even looking forward to that! Love ya.

  2. The Bradford bunch did that too!
    Just wait until they discover skimming down on boggie boards onto pillows at the foot of the stairs! :)
    I think we all came out of that phase without any stitches!

  3. That's pretty impressive, Rachel! I confess, it wouldn't hurt my feelings too much if they skipped that adventure! lol



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