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Thursday, March 19, 2009

16 weeks pic... careful with the comments. Be nice! :)

Don is becoming quite the barber. Here are Jon David's before and after shots:

I didn't get a before shot of Luke. But here are his haircut photos. Now, if only I could train Don to do my hair. Does anyone out there cut your own hair? Is there a cut your own hair for dummies book or something?

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here! I was so excited. The boys and I met a friend at a park. The boys discovered a creek. It was boy heaven! I must say, I am giving a lot more showers here than I did in Colorado. Between soccer practice, creek discovering, and playing in the neighbor's sandbox, I have dirty little boys a LOT. The other boys who were with us--Nathan and Wesley, were brave and stomped right in the water. I guess you could tell that I have some city boys, because they just sort of stared at them at first. Well, you might have guessed it before seeing the pics. It didn't take long... Jon David ventured in first, and then Luke followed. They had a blast. I found myself trying to explain what a crawdad was (sp? crawdaddy?? Where is uncle Scott when you need him!).

We just got back from Jon David's Spring music program at his school. It was cute and interesting. They had six classes performing at once. And the session that Jon David performed in was the first of four performances total this evening! Talk about herding cattle! They were organized. In one door, and out another... mooo!!!! mdr (that's lol in French btw. Ha!) Jon David did great. He is loving this school, which is a HUGE answer to prayer! Thank you, Lord!!! Oh, he is towards the middle of this next pic, with the plad button down, doing the hand motions.

Above and below, you can see that he is next to a little girl in a pink sweater. I'm pretty sure that her name is "Lilian", and that this was the first friend he made at this school. :)


  1. LOVE the pics. I am so glad that JD is loving school! And Anna...for a 3rd baby..your 16 week belly is small! I think I looked like that at 12 weeks with Isaac. :)You look GREAT! And don't gorgeous days just make you happy?? We've been having some perfect days here (temp is warm, not hot and its breezy) and it makes me so happy! :)

  2. Anna, I'm so glad you guys are here in Wilmore! I look forward to many more days at the park and in the creek! =) (and dinners together!) I laughed at your comment about boys getting more showers- I've thought the same thing this week!! ~Maggie

  3. Hey Anna, You look so pretty in the first picture. I wish so badly I could have seen Jon David's program. The creek pictures look like so much fun. Love you, Mom

  4. Such fun to find your blog! It looks like you guys are settling in to a new community! Praying blessings for you and your family and little one on the way!

    Love, Becky

  5. Anna - I think you look small too. How exciting about baby number 3! I hope you guys are going to find out if it is a boy or girl. If so, it won't be long.

  6. Cute pics! Meanwhile, I've trimmed Jason's hair and cut my own bangs, but that's about as brave as I get. :) I just point the scissors kind of vertically and try to make it look a little intentionally messy (so mistakes won't show up as much-ha).



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