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Friday, March 13, 2009

"Out of the mouths of babes"

Some quotes from Luke:
Yesterday, while Jon David was at school, and after he discovered that he could therefore not play with him "Well, I guess God and Jesus are the only ones I can play with."
Today, after I put mail in his clubhouse mailbox, saying I love him very much (Mom, you'll appreciate this one!) "Wow, that's being a bucket filler. Somebody jutht feeled my bucket!" (More on the bucket story later).

A quote from Jon David:
"Mom, remember when you married Dad? (Me: yes) That was the most perfect, right thing. He's a great Daddy."

So, back to the bucket thing. About a week ago, we received a book from Mom, called "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" Jon David and Luke have been having trouble getting along, not arguing, etc... So this book came at a perfect time!!! Thanks, Mom! The premise is that everyone in the world has a bucket. When someone does something mean, they empty happiness out of someone else's bucket. When you do something nice, then you fill up a bucket with happiness. Anyway, I would highly recommend it! Luke especially has especially latched on to the concept of emptying and filling buckets. We have been struggling with him "visiting" Jon David on the top bunk too much. One night, (after he got out of bed and went up to JD AGAIN), I said "Luke, you emptied my bucket." It broke his heart. Incidentally, I would like to say that from then on, he never got out of bed again... wrong! But anyway, it seems to have helped them. If anything, we can now talk about filling and emptying buckets, instead of saying the same things over and over again (stop arguing, be quiet, take turns, etc...).

Another Luke quote, from last month "What if I could fly off of the top of the stairs?" (I can't remember it exactly)... Yikes! Boys and their crazy aspirations! I got both of them on video today, doing their stair sliding thing:

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