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Monday, June 7, 2010

My nine month old

Caleb has been saying Mamama and Dadada some. We love it! He seems intentional about it.
He is still really struggling with sleep. Some nights are good, but then others have two or three awakenings... He is getting faster at crawling around and loves to put almost anything in his mouth. He also seems to enjoy our DVD player and likes to pull the DVD cases out one at a time. We stop him, of course, but we're not sure he understands the meaning of "no" yet. So far, he seems to at least get that our voice intonation must mean something, and sometimes he stops.

The other day, he crawled up into one of his toys. Hilarious!

Eating is an adventure, too. He was doing soooo well in this area for a long time. He would eat anything. The only thing that I noticed him turning his nose up to was peas. He literally ate anything else--carrots, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes (real ones mashed up), squash, apples, bananas (real ones mashed up), prunes, berry fruit, OK, well you get the point. But lately, with the introduction of certain jar foods like turkey and rice, chicken noodle dinner, spaghetti dinner, lasagna, and other such, he is starting to reject a lot of his baby food in favor of finger food/table food. And I think his favorite so far it, get this: Chili beans!!! I am not kidding. I think that I have let him eat chili beans during almost every meal except breakfast for the past three or four days! Amazing. He seems to be going through a picky stage. I hope he grows out of it soon!
Sometimes, if one of us starts to sing, he starts rocking on his little hiney(sp!), dancing. It is so cute!
He still loves his brothers, Daddy and Mommy. And we love him! I need to take more pictures!
He is crying--finished w/his nap. How appropriate. OK, gotta go!


  1. Eva seemed to get more picky after being introduced to those 'dinner' baby foods! I don't remember that with the other ones. But, thank goodness, she is old enough for pb&j and really loves it. Her favorite table foods are spaghetti and mac and cheese. She can really pack them away!

  2. (first, let me say that I have given up trying to explain to my Caleb that your Caleb is not him. Nothing works, so I just let him think we're looking at pictures of him...)

    Caleb wouldn't eat "dinner" babyfood, either. Had to just go straight to table food. And his sleep habits were bad, too, so I feel your pain!

    Happy Birthday to sweet Caleb!



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