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Friday, June 4, 2010

End of a school yr

Well, it's here: summer vacation!! There was no feeling like the first day of summer, right? There was an awards day @ Jon David's school on Thursday. JD received an honor entitled "Making Learning a Priority." I am actually really proud of him, even though every one in his class received an honor. :) Above is him receiving his award. I love the way he celebrates! :)

Jon David is already sad and missing Mrs. Moss:

Luke's last day of school was celebrated with a picnic. His teacher had asked for $15.00 from us towards the beginning of the year to make a scrap book. We received this on the last day... Let's just say that there is no way that 15 bucks covered what she did. It is a treasure! Amazing. Thank you, Mrs. Litt!! Luke has already said that he is sad because he likes Mrs. Litt. He will miss her.

Luke and his preschool friends: Ben.

And John.

And Brianna.

Summer, here we come!

Funny last day of school quote from JD: (we told him about a play date w/some friends who have a daughter that was in his first grade class). "I like her, she is a nice little girl." Ha!

Both boys are already missing their friends, but are excited about the summer time.

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  1. My neighbor girl was in Mrs. Moss' class too. She came to my house crying this afternoon because she already misses her class! What a great complement to Mrs. Moss that the kids enjoyed her class so much!



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