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Monday, June 28, 2010

call me melon

So all of the family that was once filling Mom and Dad's house has gone. Don's still gone. Mom's at work and Dad's under the weather, so he is resting. It's back to me and the three musketeers The house feels earily quiet and still. Last night, after the boys went to bed, it felt lonely and sad.
I have always been a little dramatic about the "post" part of big events. There is usually a let down period. I remember one particular christian camp in France when I must have been middle school age or so. Since Dad was the director, we would always stay after everyone had left. It was so sad for me. I remember going into different rooms, and just crying. I remember standing in the room where I had stayed with my fellow campers and counselors that I had loved so much.
In a similar way, it was tragic when Uplift, Impact, or other youth events came to an end. I remember my friend, Alycia and I moping around at school, trying to look forward to the next big event. At times, I feel like I am just living for the next "thing". It is exilerating. Don't you just wish that life was a big, long mission trip or church camp? Maybe that's what heaven will be like. No let down, just solid mountain top experience, forever and ever!
The last night that we were all together this past week-end, we sat outside on Dad and Mom's back porch, roasted marshmellows, and ate smores. Then we went inside and talked and prayed together. It reminded me of the last night at camp, when we all sit around the camp fire, have a devo, and have an emotional time together. It was even complete with several of us crying. :)
Oh the drama. :) Some things about me haven't changed much over the years. Sometimes, Don reminds me that my name is Anna Caulley, not Melon choly. Hee hee. Today, I have got the blues. But I am sure that it will pass.
I am hoping to blog about the past several weeks soon. In the mean time, here are a few highlights from our family week-end--sans Don. Random side note: I figured it was about time I used the new trendy "sans". That's about all I have to say about that.

Above is a pic of Jon David on the last day of Supercamp (more blogging on this later). He is already talking about next year's Supercamp. He had so much fun! And he was so sad when it was over (I guess the apple doesn't fall far...). Sweet boy. He had a blast! Here, he has just slid down the giant water slide, and since this was "messy day", was squirted with chocolate syrup at the bottom. Although he had a great time, I believe he was already getting sad that I was there to take him home, ending his adventurous fun.

LOVE this pic!
I'm pretty bummed that I wasn't able to include one or two more shots, and that I couldn't put these in the desired order... technical difficulties. But it's time to post something, so here goes.


  1. Anna... I felt the same way! This was such a great weekend... and now it's back to my dissertation... I love your use of the word sans:)

    At times like these this stupid song always pops into my head "Back to life, back to reality..."

  2. Oh, but how awesome was it that you guys got to be together. I'm hoping for a "family reunion" later this summer when my brother is supposed to come in for a few days prior to a deployment. Glad you got to enjoy some great family time!

  3. Sweet Caleb! He gets cuter each time we see him. Tell Don we missed him this weekend...Hang in there only 7 more days!



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