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Monday, July 5, 2010

Chapter eleven: a visit from Aunt Caroline

Why do we love Aunt Caroline? Let me count the ways... (in no particular order).

Reason number seven: Ok, so this is not a reason why I love her, but she is super photogenic! Possibly the most photogenic person I know. Above: roasting smores using Dad's new fire pit.

Reason number six: self-explanatory in pictures above and below! She has helped me with the babyhood of all three of my children. No job seems to be too much for her. And she is a natural. I believe that she has baby whisperer qualities. I remember one day when Luke was a baby and I was in such distress. Her calming presence as she walked in my door was soothing. Within minutes, she was holding Luke, who stopped crying almost instantly.

Reason number five: she is my friend. We have been friends for ... oh man. Um, ten or twelve years? What a blessing that God allowed Dan and Wilkes to meet and start car pooling, so that we sisters could later meet too. :)

Reason number four: she takes the boys places! She took them bowling while she was here. They had fun!

Reason number three: she truly seems to love my boys. She takes pleasure in them. And they sense that. A quote from JD from her visit include "I'm going to spend some special time w/Aunt Caroline." He did not want her to go when it came time for her to leave. Above and below: JD enjoying spending time w/her.

Reason number two: She is so generous and thoughtful, and loves to give gifts to my boys--and to me! Above: the boys are thrilled to receive sparklers from her, as an early "fourth" gift. And below, JD enjoying!

Reason number one: she loves to read to my boys. She has given them the Dick and Jane books too in the past. Here she is reading them a bedtime story (Ramona Quimby. btw, they are really enjoying these books right now!).

Thanks, Caroline! We love you!

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