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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chapter one

It's a little easier for me to blog about Don's departure, now that we anticipate his return in less than three days!
The whole family drove down to Columbus, GA together on Friday, June 11th before his Monday flight. We arrived late Friday night to Mom and Dad's empty house. They were still overseas on their France/Geneva, Switzerland/Mauritius trip. We enjoyed a relaxing Saturday of watching world cup soccer, and re-discovering all of Mimomo and BePops' toys. Sunday morning, we went to church, which felt funny without Mom and Dad, but we really enjoyed the Chattahoochee Valley Church family, and felt right at home. Jon David and Luke now LOVE going to church here (after having attended for almost an entire month).
Grandaddy arrived on Monday, and he and Don left for the airport mid-afternoon. We didn't cry too much then, thankfully. Below is a pic of the flowers that he bought for me right before he left.

The boys and I were alone no more than a couple of hours, before Mom and Dad arrived. The timing was great! And so began our vacation -- though Daddy-less -- at Mimomo and BePops' house. It didn't seem to take Mom and Dad very long to recover from jet-lag. Before we knew it, our days were filled with Georgia fun, beginning with water play, thanks to some very generous church friends who let us come and invade their pool! Thanks soooo much!

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