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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chapter four

Sorry for this random pic... technical difficulties: (museum description to follow). Mom brought us some clothes from Mauritius. Here we are sporting some of them. Thank you to Mom and Dad, Tony and Caroline!

Well, we couldn't exactly go to a pool everyday, so on this day, we decided to chose indoor activities. We went to the library first, then to Burger King, and finally to the museum. The children's section is wonderful. There is a dress up center--where Jon David pretended to be a magician and pull things out of his hat. There is a baby/toddlers center, too. There is also a center with colorful geometrically shaped magnets (the pic towards the top), a section with books, blocks, different types of puzzles, a texture coloring center, etc...
For some reason, these kinds of days are some of my favorites. Thanks to Mom for helping the outing go extra smoothly! And thanks to the workers at Burger King who helped us in a pinch: Mom was ordering the food, Luke was playing in the play area, and right as I put Caleb in a high chair, Jon David had to go the bathroom. Yet another instance when I realize how grateful I am to have help with my precious three children.

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