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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chapter six

Family arrives! Fun, hilarity, and a lotta crazy!

Below: Caleb seems highly suspicious of Mimomo. She is kissing me, but... what will she do next. lol
Yea, to quote my friend Kristy, every family's got a bucket-o-crazy. ;)

Craft time w/Aunt Sarah. Get this: she helped the kids make candy sushy rolls! --made out of rice Krispy treats, fruit roll ups, and gummy bears. To my shame, I didn't photograph the actual treats. They were long gone before I thought about it!

More water fun, of course!

Below, Uncle Daniel bonding w/Caleb:

And then bonding w/JD while playing wii, and trying to hold Colbie @ the same time.
Uncle Chris and Aunt Sarah brought their wii. Highly popular w/my boys. ;)
Below, Aunt Eryn and Caleb:
Me and my newest nice, Colbie Jean!

btw, why does it seem like that so much of the fun toddler years of our children are seen through such bleary eyes?... I feel like so many of my pics involving my kids and fam time capture exhaustion on my face.

Above, tea party in the back yard.
Below, Aunt Sarah w/Colbie:

Aunt Sarah w/Caleb:

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