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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chapter seven: SUPER CAMP

Every year at Chattahoochee Valley Church, the children's minister and several of his helpers host a group of teens from the Smyrna church of Christ (in Tennessee) so that said teens can put on a camp for "our" kids--ages 1st through 5th grades. Jon David attended last year. He was excited to go again this year. And since Luke was a younger sibling of a camper, even though not quite old enough to attend yet (going into Kindergarten in the fall), Mr. Benny let him come too. They had a blast. Everyday they would come home telling us about the craft, or water slide, or movie, or bible story, or songs that they had learned. It was a four day day-camp. The water play was one of the highlights.

Jon David was not shy at all, and made several friends that week. He LOVES Chattahoochee Valley church! Daisy came along on the last day. Unfortunately, Luke decided that he needed a break on the last day. So they switched places. Since Friday was the only day that I took pictures, well... I don't have any pics of Luke @ super camp. But they gave us a really cool video w/several pics of him during the wk. Here is Daiz eating a super camp treat, and sporting the only bathing suit that her Mom brought--very cute, might I add. Unfortunately, it was "messy day," when they douse you w/chocolate syrup @ the end of the water slide. I must say that in true princess form, she stayed pretty clean!! Sweet girl. I love my nieces and nephews!

JD, comin' down the slide:
Dan and Daisy:

Above: the result of "messy Friday."
And below...same (chocolate syrup)
And finally, the sad look of my boy who did not want super camp to end. He has decided that he wants to come every year, and can't wait until next year already.

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