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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Seven months and Egg hunt

The gravy train is coming to a screaching halt! Caleb is on the move. No, he is not crawling yet, but he loves to grab anything that is within his arms' reach. And when you add rolling around to the mix, that leaves pretty easy access to anything left on the floor. The older boys and I are quickly realizing that we can't afford to be very lazy anymore. He has reached for legos, my CD player, cords... yes, already! And other random toys that belong to Jon David and Luke. I am not seeing a great future for the life of little legos in the family room. We will soon have to quarantine them to the bedroom, I guess. There are many advantages of having waited four years to have our precious third child. Among these advantages are the older two boys entertaining Caleb, playing with him, helping me with miscellaneous tasks involving the baby, and even being in school during the day. However, some of the disadvantages include toting Caleb around for school drop offs, pick ups, and soccer practices, AND having TINY toy pieces to deal with while Caleb embarks into creeper/crawler/toddlerhood. We're talking lego pieces the size of a pea, and playmobil pieces too... For those of you who have girls, I guess it would be like poly pocket stuff all over the room. Right now, it is still mostly anticipation. But I have a feeling we'd better get ready, and fast! I do let him "play" with the duplo sized legos. Here is an example of the preview to ambulation (is that a word?). This pic taken the day before he turned 7 mo:

For this pic below, there are no words (Caleb 7 mo):

...except precious, edible, and dozens more such synonyms.

Luke's school Easter Egg hunt was the Friday before Spring Break (March 26th). Caleb and I were able to go. It was so much fun! The photo below is a little bit of a silly picture of Luke, but it captures his two good pre-school friends (the two boys in front of Luke). I guess I'd better not share the names just in case their parents wouldn't want them published. :)

Above is a picture of Luke's class waiting to hunt for eggs. Luke's teacher is in the foreground with the green T-shirt: she is AMAZING! She got teacher of the year this year. We are SOOOO blessed to have her! We love you, Mrs. Litt!

Nothin like a good hunt. And notice the adorable Easter "baskets" which were made out of coffee cans, I think. Also, each child had made bunny ears with their name and "cottontail" written at the end of it. Too cute. Luke had a blast!
The hunt was punctuated by someone finding a baby bunny stuck in a pile of leaves. No joke! How appropriate for Easter. One of the Moms took charge making sure that it was taken care of:

Also, the day of this post is Luke's birthday! Five years old... I can't believe it!! Happy birthday, sweet, precious Luke!
More on this and his birthday celebration later. :)

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  1. Our youngest is Caleb, too, and was a fast mover and into everything very early. Blessings to you as you deal with all of those challenges! What fun to find a baby bunny on the Easter Egg hunt! Looks like your boys are doing so well and are so handsome! Blessings to you, Anna!



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