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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Star Wars to Luke :)

I think the post title pretty much sums up Luke's party, but I'll try to hit the highlights. I decided to go out of my comfort zone for once and make my own party cake. Now I made a cake last year for Luke's party, as you might recall, but it was super basic: cake mix in a 13x9, with icing and writing on the top, complete with a few star wars figures--the following picture might jog your memory:)

This year, I thought I would branch out a bit. Still used the cake mix, but with a little twist. I found the idea on the internet. It was more work than I thought it would be, and made a huge mess, but it was fun.
I think Luke got a kick out of it.

We were able to use the seminary gym, which was a huge blessing. I also have a friend who TOTALLY hooked me up with almost ALL of the party supplies that I used. She had had a star wars birthday party for her five year old earlier in the year, and so she graciously passed on many things to me. There was much lightsabering, padawaning, eating, and just plain partying. I had bought pool noodles from Walmart, cut them in half and transformed them into lightsabers for each child to have (an idea that I shamelessly stole from this same party supply friend).

We hunted for hollocrons (bits of information important to Jedi? This is from the Clone Wars cartoon, not the classic movies). These were plastic Easter eggs stuffed with one or two stickers from Star Wars the Clone Wars (cartoon), and covered in aluminum foil (again, an idea from my friend). We also played pin the galactical army battle sticker on the planet (I know, this is a little far fetched, but the game was given to me, poster, stickers and all... So how could I not use it!)
We finished off with an obstacle course. Jon David and another first grader who attended the party were going to be sith lords bopping the kids with balloons at the end of the course. I tried to help them. Have you ever tried to bop someone with a balloon? Not much bopping involved. It was hard to keep them from flying everywhere. So this ended in the kids running around, up and down the bleachers, and whacking the balloons. Well, there are worse things right? I think they enjoyed using the force to battle against the dangerous black and blue balloons. :)
Unfortunately, I was so busy orchestrating, that I didn't take any pictures of the games. :( And Don was driving around Wilmore trying to get Caleb to go to sleep, and didn't even arrive until the games were ending I think. He took complete charge of the baby that afternoon. Feeding, sleeping, etc... On days like these, I really feel like we are teammates. Love it!
It was a sight for sore eyes when I looked up at one point and saw some heart warming faces smiling peacefully at me, as if to say "chill out sis, reinforcements are here." David and Eryn had driven in for the party.

(above: a not-so-great pic of Dave and Jon David dueling with the pool noodle light sabers.)
The next thing I knew, David was entertaining the birthday guests, and Eryn was holding Caleb. It was wonderful.

As a matter of fact, later, when the cake and refreshments were served, and everyone was feeling quite refreshed, one of the moms asked me if she could hire David for her next party. :) He was leading the children in a round of "which character of star wars...?" or some such little boy wonderfulness.

Oh! I almost forgot: each child also received a jedi smock of sorts. My friend once again came through and gave me plenty of her left-over pre-cut jedi clothes, complete with a matching belt. It was a simple rectangle cut out of brown cloth, with a hole in the middle for the head. But it went a long way with the six young padawans!
We had one token girl. I thought it was so cute that Luke wanted to invite her--she is in his class at school. We had a little tiara for her to wear (and as you might have guessed, this too was provided by my unnamed friend).

Below: vintage David--humming a catchy little tune which immediately settled Caleb into such an intensely enthralling stare, that it was impossible for me to resist attempting to catch it on camera:

And the gifts, of course... They were all huge hits!

Now, the following photo might be quickly glazed over at first glance. But the story behind it gives it depth. Jon David had wrapped up a bracelet that he had received for a prize at his school's Spring Fling earlier in the month. He did the wrapping all by himself. And sweet Luke seemed thrilled to receive it, placing it on his arm immediately--even though he opened it on the tail end of numerous star wars ships and figures. I treasure these small moments of brotherly love. :)

Here, Luke, although sporting a goofy look, is wearing Jon David's gift on his arm:

Upon returning home, the celebration continued with gift opening and assembling and hours of playing. And a little basketball watching. :)

Here are a few Caleb highlights, and snapshots from the visit w/Dave and Eryn:

Above: the airplane move!

He loves his Daddy!!

And his aunt and uncle!

(Caleb: 7 mo)

Luke James Caulley, my sweet five year old: you rock!

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