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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Enter stage right:

Yes, you guessed right: Mimomo and BePops! Ahhhh. Good times. OK, let's begin. It was Spring Break for Jon David and Luke. OH yes, double your pleasure, double your fun. We really had so much fun, that it went by as quickly as a week at church camp.

They arrived on Monday night. So Tuesday morning, we woke up to fun, fun, fun. Much holding Caleb, game playing, just, well, good times.

That evening Jon David had soccer practice, and Mom and I went shopping!! I am now a JCPenney's fan. I must say, as reluctant as I am to shop there, this is the second time that I have found cute clothes at great prices! And JC, if you would like to pay me for this add, that is fine with me. :)

We introduced BePops to the wii. Here he is bowling. :)

I am just noticing Luke's sweet hand on Mom's leg in this pic. And um, yea, those are star wars stickers on his shirt.

On Wednesday, Mom and Dad took the two older boys to the Lexington Children's Museum. The boys had a blast, of course! Don and I enjoyed our time, and while Don studied, I took Caleb on a walk out in the newly arrived Spring weather. It was as if Mom and Dad brought Spring with them when they came. I felt new life welling up withing me--cheesy, I know, but man, what a winter.

After everyone but Caleb and me went to Luke's soccer practice that night, Don and I went out to dinner. By the way, Luke has an exceptionally great soccer coach this year: Don Caulley! Both of them really seem to be enjoying it.
Don adn I shared a sea food pasta dish for dinner. Yum!

On Thursday, Mom and Dad walked the boys up to Main Street where the soda shop/pizza place/drug store is. Caleb and I joined them later. The chocolate shakes at Taste Buds are delicious!

If you are wondering if we have traveled back in time here in Wilmore, we often wonder the same thing. :)

Below, Caleb is in the high chair playing with plastic Easter eggs. I thought his oversized hat and fleece looked hilarious.

That night we all went to Jon David's soccer practice. Jon David seems to be enjoying soccer a lot more than he did last year. It is fun to watch him. Both boys have already played their first game of the season, and done well. Most of all, they both really enjoy playing. Yay!

Friday came and went all too quickly. Mom and Dad helped me get the entire house clean, and then we all went to a local park to meet some of our seminary friends for a cook-out. It was fun for them to meet Mom and Dad.
So before we knew it, it was Saturday... The boys had one more thing to look forward to: opening their birthday presents from BePops and Mimomo (Jon David was all too thrilled to receive his early):

But new Star Wars toys and all, nothing quite takes the place of Grandparents.
So after a final putting Caleb to bed, there were hugs and some tears, and suddently, it was back to our little fivesome. And then Don went to study, so we were a foursome again.
Me and the three musketeers.

In Jon David' prayer that day, he told God that he was sad about Mimomo and BePops leaving, and asked if God would please help him with that. Broke my heart.

Luke turned five on the day of their departure, and I must say, the boy has almost gotten too big for his britches. He has great moments of holding doors open for me, claiming he can do it w/his pinky toe nail -- hehe. He also helped me clean up the kitchen recently, which made my morning. But the extra arguing, extra reluctance to obey, and extra excuses, I'm not such a big fan of. We had a little argument the other morning after he spilled his milk. First of all, he was pretty embarrassed about it, so he cried. I tried to comfort him, saying that it was not big deal (Luke can't stand to mess up like this, so I'm sure that his newfound five-year-oldness didn't help his feelings of failure). But when he came out with "well, aren't you going to get me some more?" and then when I told him I was just going to do water, he then said that he just wasn't going to drink anything then... Hmmm. My tolerance for his hurt feelings plummeted fast. It took a while for him to land his big-head ship. But he did, after some much needed cuddle time with Mommy (I am NOT ready to give up cuddle time in honor of him turning 5), and a few more tears.


  1. I love your parents!! I often liken them to super-heroes, especially after reading a blog post like this. They sweep in, take care of kids, clean houses, lift spirits, warm hearts, and then they're gone. Was that a bird? a plane? No, it's Super Mimomo and BePops!!

    And they have this way with kids. We saw them in December in Searcy- the first time Caleb has seen them since he an itty-bitty - and he INSTANTLY took up with them, especially your dad. It was the sweetest thing, Caleb even asked your dad to carry him out to the car after lunch, and wanted him to go home with us! Warmed my heart!

    Anyway, all that to say I'm glad you had such a great time with your wonderful parents! :) And YAY for free babysiting and dates with the hubby! .... (oh, and I love JC Pennys!)

  2. I love to think about you and your three little musketeers... it's such a perfect word picture after all your family has gone through this year!



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