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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Caleb is 8 months!

Some last few snapshots of Caleb at seven months. He is officially 8 months old now--today, in fact. Caleb has reached several mile stones during this seventh month. These include him being able to sit up on his own; rocking back and forth on his hands and knees on occasion; eating finger foods such as cheerios--and animal crackers; playing with a variety of toys--still loves putting them in his mouth; holding the bottle on his own; scooting on his belly (backwards so far).
As you can see, he LOVES his brother, Luke. Of course, he also LOVES Jon David. But since Luke is home more during the day, it is pretty cool to watch their relationship blossom. Luke is absolutely precious with him. He cheers him up if he is sad, he plays with him, he is incredibly helpful. And he will stay in his room and play quietly while I nurse him. Luke is almost angelic sometimes. He is such a good, sweet child. He has developed a feisty side, to be sure. :) But he a precious one.


  1. The profile shot is so precious. And the jaws! That boy has some powerful jaws. He is already so changed from when we saw him. I love how Luke is with him.


  2. This boy is solid! Watch out JD and Luke when he gets older.



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