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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A sad day at Recess

Yesterday, Jon David and Luke were getting ready to go to Awana (some friends invited them last wk, and they are loving it!) As he was on the way out the door, Jon David informed me that the title of this chapter was a "happy day at Awana" or something like that. I asked him what he meant, and he told me that sometimes, he has a book about his life in his head. He said that yesterday's chapter was a "sad day at recess". There is a little girl in his class that he has really loved playing with. But for the past week or so, she is playing with another little girl who does not want to let Jon David in their "club." He wishes that he could be in their club. So sad! I hate this kind of stuff!! The Mama bear in me comes out... Oh well, he is handling it really well. Don often has to tell me to put my claws away. :) I have tried to tell him that sometimes little girls are like that--they just want to be with other girls, etc... He has moved on... He seems generally very happy at school, and that I often forget to write down all of the good stuff too. He is friends with a lot of kids in his class. He does really well on his school work. I am so proud of him.
He had a soccer game tonight, and did very well! It was a little bit of an adventure for me: Don had an evening class, so I had to take all three boys by myself--oh, and the snack for the team! But they did really well. Thankfully, Caleb was pretty chilled out. And Luke ran around and played with some other boys his age.

JD is in the bottom left. I think if you click on the pic, you can see it better--maybe.

On a side note, Spring has been so wonderful here! We have had a smattering of days in the low 80s, but mostly 70s, and some 60s, an occasional chilly low 60s/high 50s. Pretty perfect, really. We have been playing outside a lot more. Jon David and Luke are enjoying tossing the football with their daddy around in the backyard. And Caleb loves to be wherever we are. :)


  1. First of all, I love how imaginative he is- a book in his head?? That is awesome! He's definitely going to be a writer one day :)

    And I'm right there with you, Mama Bear! How dare some little girl not want to play with him?! On a positive note, he handles things like that really well, I'm quite impressed, (a compliment to the way he is being raised).

  2. Well, the apple does not fall far from the tree.:) I can't wait to read his book. He is clearly learning to handle the ups and downs of life. I am so proud of him. Mimomo.

  3. That makes me sad that kids that young experience sadness like that. I don't remember many times as a child that I was sad and I bet Jon David won't either. What a great child you two are raising! How can he not be with you and Don as the parents.



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