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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A third boy!!!

The truth? OK, so I basically cried all the way home from the doctor's office. I am of course extremely thankful to God that this precious baby looks healthy. And I feel peace in that I prayed for a little girl, knowing that if God blessed us with another boy, then He must have a great purpose for this little one...
On the way there this morning, I thought about the boy names that we were debating upon. I thought about the name Mary Anna, which has always been what we would name a girl. And somehow, it didn't feel quite right. I thought about all of the little things that had made me think girl: feeling different this pregnancy, Don's dream about a little girl, other people's random comments about how it must be a girl... None of those were direct words from God. And as I saw the little tiny face in that ultrasound looking back at me, of course I knew that this one is going to be wonderful too, just like my first two.
I lamented to Don that I wouldn't have anyone to go shopping with... realizing then that I actually am not much of a shopper at all. Believe it or not, I like camping and hiking type stuff. I guess that's a really good thing!
I thought about how it sometimes seems like girls do a better job of keeping in touch with their Moms. And then I thought about Don and his two brothers, Mike and Rich, and how they actually do a great job of calling their Mom. And Wendy, I also thought about you. You have three boys, and have also longed for a girl. But I am so thankful for the relationship that God has given me with you. And I also can see how you have great relationships with your other two daughters-in-law. So who knows, maybe God has neat daughters-in-law for me to meet someday.
Ah well! Sweet boy! We will love you with all of our hearts!


  1. I can relate! Your post made me smile inside as I've ridden that same roller coaster. I know you know this, but truly, our 3 boys are such a blessing, and even though there are times when I'm watching nieces or friends' girls that I think, WoW they're so different and easy, mostly I LOVE having boys.

  2. Congratulations, Anna. I think all of your emotions are normal, so don't feel bad. You're very blessed!

    Karen Carpenter

  3. Anna, First Congratultions to you! I can remember the day that we found out we were having two more girls. It was a bittersweet moment. We both felt we would have at least one little boy and Alex struggled some with it. But let me tell you, God always knows what he's doing. I can't imaging my life any other way now. You will be blessed with these little boys! You'll be in my thoughts!

  4. Congratulations Anna, i had no idea you were expecting! Boys are so fun, i always think it would be fun to have a girl, and really always have seen myself with a girl, but so far i've been blessed with two precious boys!
    Your other two are so cute!

  5. We had 3 girls, before our little boy. I can tell you from my experience boys are much calmer and love their mommies. Congrats on a beautiful family.



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