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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Snow, Christmas parties, etc...

Flashback part 3...

OK, so the "etc..." in the title was a loaded one. Somewhere around October/November, Don and I started having serious conversations about a pretty drastic career change for Don. Through much prayer, we concluded that God was opening the door for us to check out Asbury Seminary. So we booked plane tickets for the entire family, and under the pretense of a "family trip", set off for what was to be the beginning of our next big adventure. BTW, Don was a lot better at bluffing than I was. My friend Mercedes immediately figured out what was going on. To other friends and neighbors, I said "well... we're going on a family trip", or "well, we can't tell you about it yet, but we will soon!" Ha! Discretion has sometimes been a struggle for me--can you tell?
The boys did GREAT! What a blessing. They loved staying in a hotel room all together. In fact, until we arrived in Kentucky for good, I think they associated Kentucky with the Asbury Inn!

Finally, a few pics from the boys' class parties. They LOVED their schools in Castle Rock!

OK... I think I'm almost up to date. Signing off for now... Coming soon: Mimomo and BeePops' visit, and Luke's 4 year old party!

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