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Sunday, April 26, 2009

22 weeks, and a walk in the park

Me at 22 wks.

Jon David reading a book... a good moment! He put this table and chairs in the family room to create his own library--and Luke's too of course.We have been eating outside a lot. Love it!
All of a sudden, summer is here! We took a family walk tonight. We sat on a bench at the Asbury campus, played Simon says and "Mother may I". The boys played hide and seek together.

One day recently, Jon David, Luke and I were talking about people's ages. They seem to be fascinated with that these days--especially Luke. Poor guy. He just turned four, and yet, everyone in his fam is still older than him... Anyway, he asked how old Mimomo and BeePops are. Upon hearing the answer, here are their two responses:
Luke: "That' th a lot of poundth!" (That's a lot of pounds). Pretty cool, Mom and Dad, I guess you guys only weigh 59 lbs! :)
Jon David: "No wonder they look alike." ;0

And for one final laugh, just in case any of you think that Don is never silly... Think again:

In the words of Dash, from the Incredibles: "I love my family!"

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