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Monday, April 6, 2009

Christmas 08

Last flashback...
David and Eryn came to celebrate Christmas with us. It was so great to have each other... since the rest of the fam was in Georgia together this time. We had Christmas Eve dinner at Mike and Kristi's, played Wii, came home to listen to Don read The Night Before Christmas, and then went to sleep.
It was kind of special to wake up and have just our boys in the house to focus on. Although we would have loved being with our families, we enjoyed having a quiet Christmas, too. David and Eryn were so great to have around! David helped set up all of the kids toys while I did stuff around the kitchen. They were the award winning playmates of the year!
The boys had a great Christmas. Unfortunately, we have already given away one of the gifts that Luke got... it was an airport from Toys R Us. I guess the brand was cheep or something, because a couple of pieces broke and it was very hard keeping it together all the time. So since it was so bulky, and he had a few other bulky toys (train track, and hot wheels), he agreed to chunk it before the move... Thanks anyway, Santa!...

Last, but actually first chronologically, was the church Christmas program. The kids did a great job. Such good memories!


  1. Great pictures - makes me miss your family so much. Bogdan and Lara climbed in my lap and asked: "who is he? who is he?" "That's Luke and that is Jon David", I reply. "Are they coming to play with us?" Fun age!
    God bless you all.

  2. Okay, you are cracking me up big time with this flashback stuff. Almost summer time here and we are learning about Christmas. Love it!

  3. I wish it was almost summer time here, too!... We actually have a few snow flurries coming down today... Ah, Spring! Unfortunately, thinking about Christmas is almost appropriate!! Sigh :)



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