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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OK, back to the present times! First things first: Mimomo and BeePops came to visit!!!! It was GREAT!!! We had such a good time. They gave Don and me a night to ourselves. We went out to eat hibachi style (reminiscing our first date ever), and then to see Duplicity. It was pretty good. Don had found a really good rate on a hotel room in downtown Lexington. We had a blast! Thanks soooooo much, Mom and Dad! The boys had a blast too--of course--complete with early Easter Egg hunt, games, and prizes.
On Friday, we celebrated Luke's birthday at the firestation. The Wilmore fire station happens to be just down the street from our house. I'm tellin' ya, we live in Mayberry! It's so adorable. I don't think they had ever had a b-day party at this fire station before. But the firemen did great! Luke had invited a few friends. It was just perfect for him. The two firemen on duty were so nice. They let the kids climb in and out of the fire truck, took them for a ride (I got to ride, too!) down the street, blew the horn!, and let them try on their gear. They showed them how they put it on, talked about how quickly they had to put it on in case of a real emergency, talked about never being afraid of firemen, etc... and then gave them some firefighter coloring books and firefighter hats. I HIGHLY recommend firestation birthday parties! I was very impressed. The two experiences that I have had doing firetruck birthday parties were totally free! You can't beet that, and the kids love it. Thanks so much Wilmore fire station!!

On Friday night, after Luke's party, we went to the IGA store (the only grocery store in Wilmore), and heard a blue grass band play in the deli section--no joke!! They had chairs set up back there and everything. Evidently, it's a weekly event. It was great! Five older guys just havin' a ball.

Luke got several birthday phone calls. Thanks everyone! After a couple of them, he said "that fills my bucket!". Sweet boy. I think he had a wonderful birthday. I was very thankful, since we're still pretty new to Wilmore and everything. It was a real blessing. He is so proud to be four years old. He loves sitting in the booster in the car. He feels so big.
In the meantime, Jon David is still not short on quotes. Before Mom and Dad came, I was talking to him about childbirth--for some reason... Of course, I didn't go into too much detail, but I did try to explain that having a baby is painful and it's not always good for kids to be around, etc... His eyes got really wide, and I could tell he was really taking this one in. He finally said "I am so blessed that I'm not a girl!" It was hilarious. He was terrified.
Today, he was having trouble staying seated during lunch--quite typical unfortunately. I said "Jon David, do you do this at the cafeteria at school? Do you get up and down all the time?" He promptly responded "no, they have bigger rules at school." Booya! Wow... bigger rules, huh? We'll see about that! :)


  1. I am fascinated with the idea of a blue grass band at the grocery store.

  2. HA! As much as maurine tried to explain was AWESOME to see it on video. WOW. If we move to Ocala...I have NO leg to stand on to complain about that small town to you guys! HA! What an experience! :)


  3. So good to hear that you all are doing well and adjusting to "Mayberry." I, too, am facinated about the deli section entertainment. What do they do in the produce department???!!!! Please tell all the boys we said hello and think of you all often! Thanks for keeping us up tpo date thru this blo - love it!!!

  4. Hey Anna! I just found your blog via Allison's blog. It looks like ya'll are doing really well, and your boys are precious! I'm so excited that I'll be able to keep up with ya'll now...I can't believe you've already moved 5 times, wow!

    In case you're having trouble figuring out who I am, I'm Stacy (of Chris & Stacy) from UCM.



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