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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why I can't get anything done.

Don has been calling Caleb godzilla, a nickname I am not fond of: for one thing, it's an exaggeration. However, like most exaggerations, there is some truth there...

As terribly blurry as this picture is, you can still make out the print: "little monster." You can't see his hands, so technically, he could be armed and dangerous. OK, he is not armed. But he is arguably dangerous.
Here are a few illustrations of my precious treasure making everyday chores very difficult.

First of all: the dishwasher. A Caleb Thomas favorite. He finds it irresistible when it's open. When we close it, there is much fit throwing and thrashing about.

I thought I would try to vaccum our disgusting floor--which by the way, stays disgusting almost all the time.
So, attempt number one:
Don't let this innocent look fool you.

Mmmm Hmmm. See what I mean?

Below, Jon David is um, helping??

And below, this was taken during the actual act of vacuuming! Yep, imagine the loudness and all. So during some of the chore, I had one arm holding the vacuum, and the other holding Caleb back. It was quite a work out. Some of you might suggest that I do this while he is napping? But if you think about it again, you might conclude that this is not such a great idea either. However, believe me, I am open to ideas at this point.

And then, there's the old trusty dump-a-box-out activity... ugh.

OK, so eventually, I settle him in front of a video. I think I asked one of the boys to sit with him. This often helps a lot. He loves his brothers. Notice the location of the sippy cup. Hee hee.
I return to the kitchen to load the dishwasher :)

A few blissful minutes of uninterrupted cleaning pass. When I return to check on things, here is what I find:

Unusual you ask? Nope.

Oh, and finally, Caleb has discovered that the pantry is a treasure chest of food. He has learned the art of providing his own snack. I have seen him retrieve his own cracker and feast all by himself. Here is further proof of said pantry discoveries and experiments:

Did you miss it? Let me help:

Ah. The joys of children. Yes, they are a joy. They are. They really are. I love them. I love toddlers too. I do. I really do. :)
Really, I do.


  1. Girl, I totally understand. Kate is everywhere, and into EVERYTHING. I thought she was going to be laid back when she was a baby. Ha! If it helps at all, he is beyond PRECIOUS!

  2. This is hilarious - what a guy. I see great potential for this adventurer. Go Caleb and Anna in a few years (like 20) this will be extremely gratifying and fun for you. Mike

  3. Bless you, Anna! I know what I have to look forward to in a few months!

  4. Anna, this post was awesome! I feel like he's gonna be bungee jumping and rock climbing someday in his spare time ;) Sweet baby Caleb!



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