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Monday, November 22, 2010

Now you see it, now you don't...

Jon David, my son, so fair
With straight, long, blond, whispy hair
Lookin' like a skater dude
And working on that attitude.

Your locks, we let you grow them out
And then, well, we accidentally cut them off too short when you asked us to trim you up a little for hair cut day @ the Caulleys...
But I love your precious face!

Sweet, Luke Jomberdy Jombers. Big Ole Kindergardener.
If you want a school pic, let me know. Quantities are limited. ;)

A pic taken from the inside of my kitchen. Priceless.

Am I forgetting something? ;)
How is Caleb, you ask?
OH, he's good. Sweet thing. He's real good.

Yep, all is normal in the Caulley house today.
I should mention that today is Caleb's 15 month birthday! Happy day, sweet boy!



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