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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall moments with brothers

We'll start with Jon David. Man, this kid is growing up... It's kinda chilling to watch it. He has decided that he wants long hair for now. And we have decided to let him have it. This school year has presented him with a few unexpected challenges, but God is faithful, and Jon David has become a little more mature through life's lessons. He is applying himself in his school work right now and doing well.
After ending his soccer season with a bang--4 goals at one of his last games--he is playing basketball, and loving it! Yea... shoulda given the brag post warning I guess. Sometimes, I feel a pang in my stomach when I think that he is past the little kid stage... There are many days when he comes home from school, plays outside, comes in for dinner, and then wants to play a video game before bed or something. Our interactions are becoming more rare. We did have a little date, though recently. Well, I like to call it a date. I took him to buy some new shoes, just me and him. He was thrilled! I bought him a pack of gum at the check out, and this thrilled him to no end.
During the drive, he did say that he was starting to "like girls." AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!
Don't worry. As it turns out, after my initial cranking of the air all the way down, and straining with every inch of my ear drum to hear his answer to my question: "So what do you do with the girls. Just hang out or something?" He answered that they were just friends, and that they just sometimes played together I guess. So I think I misunderstood him. Whew!! Yikes... and at the same time, maybe I'm not too far away from that.

Luke James... the other day in the car, he told us that if you don't win at soccer, its' OK, you still get junk food. :)
He and Jon David have both been praying differently lately. They are processing things differently. Luke recently said that the people at church said that if someone does something bad to you, that you should do something good back. I told him that the bible says that too. Ha! On a separate occasion, he said that the people at church said that the bible is like a mirror. Thank you Southside children's ministry, for these great conversation moments!!! Thank you God, most of all.
Luke and Jon David are a huge help with Caleb.

Here is Luke, swinging Caleb. Caleb loves it when Luke gives him an underdog.

And last but not least...


  1. Your children are beautiful, and have such tender hearts for God... a sign of great parenting!

  2. LOVE these photos in the fall leaves. Your kids have sweet spirits!

  3. They are getting so big, and all very handsome. Love the fall and playing with the kids in the leaves.



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