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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Caleb's clothes and crack-ups

Well, I debated about whether to blog about this or not. I hope that this post is not taken as an overly bragging post... I just feel really blessed, and thankful for the people who have given us clothes for Caleb.
Above, if you can get past this priceless expression, he is wearing one of my favorite shirts. There is a monkey on it. Sadly, he is already outgrowing it (you can see the neckline getting a little stretchy).

Don and I recently realized that many of Caleb clothes say things like "monster" or "rascal"... I hope that these are not self-fulfilling. Ha!

Caleb is a trip. Some days, I feel like my sweet 14 month old has turned into a viking. He just shows no fear, and charges forward around the house experimenting with toys, grabbing, throwing, etc...
Here, he is swinging around the magnetic rod that goes to our "go fishing" puzzle. Did he hurt himself? Nope. He's tough!
He does love balls, and is quite good at throwing and rolling it. I love doing this with him.
And I should interject at this point that Caleb seems very smart, and loves to cuddle too. I think I may be overdoing the warrior profile. He loves for me to read him books, and is catching on when Daddy says "gentle" so that he will stop hitting. :) He loves his brothers, and will sit with them on the couch, play with them, and also tolerate them when they are a little rough with him. Back to the craziness: in his defense, sometimes he has to be a little crazy to get around in this household. ;0

The guys watching AFV. I admit, sometimes, I like TV!!

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