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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The taco and Coach Saban

Luke's kindergarten teacher assigned each child from the class a "community helper" to dress up as for their parade on Friday. Luke's assignment was a coach. Ha! I was so thankful. He liked it so much that this was his costume all week-end, trick-or-treat and all.
Jon David wore an army costume for his school party on Friday (sorry, no pic of this one), and borrowed our friends' home made taco costume for trick-or-treating. Let me just say that this was a true taste of celebrity. Everywhere we went, people were pointing to the "taco"! I thought Jon David would love the attention. I think he did at first, but the weight of the thing, and the constant barrage of comments got to him after a while. He wanted to take it off. It's hard to be famous! Poor guy. ;) Brandie and Joey, thank you guys so much for loaning us your art work--a Wilmore costume winner last yr, no less!!!

Above: Brandie holding Caleb. Thanks again! Btw, I just threw on a make shift Jedi costume on Caleb--left over from the older boys' b-day parties in the Spring. Poor kid. What do you do? He is the third... Oh well, at least he wasn't tormented by a stuffy costume, right?...

Above: Jon David with his school friend, Jacob. Sweet boys. Like Jon David's hair? Yes, it's long. And yes, he likes it that way. We have decided to let him grow it out if he wants to. My sweet little skater dude.

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  1. Love the taco costume!!! And Luke plays the part of a coach perfectly! :)



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