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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas vacation part two (Dec 19th through 22nd)

After our wonderful day in Atlanta, we loaded back up in the Jeep, and headed to Columbus. The boys did great once again, and in Grandpa's words: we made good time. It was WONDERFUL to be at Mimomo and Beepops'. Mom insisted that we get a family picture on Sunday morning. And I'm so glad she did! The latest family pic we had before that one was the "we are the world one" from the Fourth of July fire works episode this summer--and I was still prego, of course. Here is our updated photo:

And now you all can see that I really DO need an angel above my head!

This next pic is entitled "my sister, the super model." :)

It was cool to have another day to hang out w/Sarah.

And my mother, beautiful as always.

Oh, with Caleb of course! 4 months old in these pics.

Caleb turned four months old on December 22nd. I gave him some rice cereal at Mom's for the first time. Come to think of it, I think it actually was on the 22nd. He seems to like it a lot!

Jon David and Luke decorating a gingerbread house. Luke looks slightly stressed.

Below: the boys enjoying one of their gifts from Mimomo and Beepops early: bubble bath! And Emory apparently enjoying it too. She is such a sweet dog.

Who, me? ;)

Mom and Dad, thanks for our date, the meals, the shopping time. Thanks for the vacation, and thanks for your generosity!!

Coming soon: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Grandma and Grandaddy's!

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