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Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas vacation part huh?

I actually lost track! Crazy. Let's get this overwith. This is the last Christmas post, I promise! Well... until Christmas 2010 of course.

You might have guessed... that the boys did get a wii for Christmas. Grandma and Grandaddy gave us a family gift this year. It was GREAT!! The boys were thrilled--the understatement of the holiday. Santa left them the Star Wars wii game and nun chucks under Grandma and Grandaddy's tree.
And then we enjoyed several days of hanging with Rich, Laura, Andrew, Nicholas, and Grandma and Grandaddy of course!! After Laura and Rich left, we stayed through New Year's day. Here are some highlights:

Don and I got to go on another date. I can't tell you how much we appreciate these dates. I am not ready to leave Caleb with anyone except family right now. So when we're in Wilmore, it's either dates at home, or take Caleb, or no dates. So thanks a million!!!

My beautiful sister-in-law. :)

A game of kick ball with Aunt Laura and Grandaddy (above: Grandaddy chasing Luke).

Jon David kicking.

Below: Andrew--profile.

Above: Nicholas holding Caleb. Precious moment!

Good times.

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