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Friday, October 1, 2010

Another alliteration attempt

Having a little trouble coming up with a creative title for this one, so there ya go.

To continue the Labor Day Week-end report, we had cousin bonding times:

Uncle and nephew bonding times:

Aunt and nephew bonding times:

Aunt and niece bonding times:

To quote Martin Short: "Vee're bonding here, aren't Vee!?" (Father of the Bride)
What can I say, humor is not always my forte--nor my two tay (Thanks, Don).
And then there was this uber cool feature on Mel's camera:
Below, story time is extra fun w/Uncle Daniel:

Caleb Thomas's sweet face, enjoying pizza. You know you want some now, dontcha!?

And to top the week-end off, we all went for a hike.

"Sometimes, there just aren't enough rocks."

And last, but not least: SMORES in the backyard fire pit! :)

Mel, you're killin me!
Not sure what's going on here. Um. No comments. Ha!

Precious: above, and below!

Love this man...

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