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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Junior Jedi, and Luke's latest: plush toys and playdates

Have any of you been to McDonald's lately? We took the boys before a soccer game one evening, and Don and I decided before we got out of the car that we wouldn't do happy meals. When we entered, however, we saw the prizes... star wars The Clone Wars skate boards. Yea, we gave in... They also came with a character tatoo. Luke is revealing his Cad Bane Tatoo, which he hilariously chose to have placed on his chest, like a soccer buddy of his. His friend from school, Ezra is donning his on his arm. They had a great time playing together on this day! What a blessing to have good friends.

And allow me to introduce the newest padawan in our Caulley galaxy.

What a blessing to swap off with a fellow Mom from Luke's class so that we can volunteer in the classroom. And an added bonus: we REALLY like them! Above, is Ezra's little sister. Isn't their hair to die for!?
And, um, as the mother of this future galactic defender, I hereby decree that your first mission will involve cleaning up the rebel base. Laundry would be a great place to start.

And finally, one of our latest phases has been with the Disney web site game: club penguin. We have actually banned playing this game in our house since Labor Day week-end in order to fight the new obsession. It has worked pretty well. However, we did let the boys use their spending money and buy a "puffle" which you see Luke holding in the picture below--it is red. In the previous post, you will have seen Jon David cuddle with me and his two brothers in the "big, comfy chair," while holding a "Club Penguin" book that he checked out from his school library.

The yellow stuffed animal is a yellow peep. Luke and Jon David also really love those.

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  1. I am loving that new little padawan. Doesn't look like it will take him much time to catch up to the others! And the peeps! It's amazing how much they like those! Mom



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