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Friday, September 24, 2010

Labor day... at long last

Like my title aliterations?
These pics are complements of Mel, herself. Since they were here, and I had access to her camera, I stole them! Well, since she approved, I guess it's not stealing. :) The main problem I have with using her pics, is that there are SO many good ones, that as you can see in this blog, I was a little too overwhelmed to use my photo filter (you know, the one that helps you have moderation?). *sigh*
We had a blast while they were here. Thank y'all so much for making the long trip, Floridians!!
It is so much fun to watch the cousins build memories together.

Fun times in the back yard--or the neighbor's backyard. The weather was gorgeous. The perfect dregs of summer, hinting at the soon-to-come fall. Yea, I must say, it doesn't get much better than fall in KY.

Mel, thanks so much for all of these fab photos! I love that you captured the neighbor's tree house! We have enjoyed many an afternoon outside thanks to this.

Above: the precious latest addition to the Jones cousin clan: Colbie Jeanster! (love that nick name).Sweet, walking one-year-old, Caleb Thomas, w/Daisy!
The five minute commute in the green mazda mini van. Again, gotta love small town Wilmore.

And the following are a tribute to the seminary, again, thanks to Mel, who has some gifting in photography! I am very thankful to have these for posterity. Taking pics of the landscape in which I live is not something I am very good at.
First off, our house:

Come on: do I have a stud of a husband or what?

And now, I give you Asbury Seminary in Wilmore, KY:
Above and below: the Chapel building.

Cousins acting, well , hilarious?

And finally, a tribute to John Wesley himself--the founder of Methodism:

I doubt he knew that he would have such great impersonators. :)
Good job on the art work, friend, Joey!

In the next pic, not sure if Caleb is fascinated by Aunt Mel taking his pic, or terrified! :) Check out those bulging eye balls!
Lil' thumb sucker:

Caleb and Colbie, fellowshippin' in the seminary gym. ;)

And finally, Colbie Jean: undergoing the fate of being in a house full of boys. Chewing on a car. ;)
Part two... coming soon. :)

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