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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stick a fork in it

We had roast, potatoes and carrots after church on Sunday, August 22nd--Caleb's actual birthday. I wondered what happened to the fork I was using while I was feeding him. He had tossed it at one point during the feeding--an unfortunate favorite activity that cues me that he's getting full. I eventually found the fork: see for yourselves.

I actually took a couple of pics from the top angle--you know, bird's eye view into the diaper. Um, you don't wanna know. I deleted them b/c they were so gross. Let's just say that he had a poopy. Yep. DISGUSTING!!!

Happy birthday, one-year old! Ha!
You might be horrified to know that I disinfected the fork, ran it through the dishwasher, and it is now back in full use in the Caulley house. Don't worry, if any of you come over, I'm sure that it will have been used numerous times by then. Ha!

Oh, and this random shot was from a wk or two before he turned one. It was quiet in the house one day as I was trying to get something done I'm sure. When I went to investigate the lack of noise, I discovered this. Caleb loves to climb.

Hee hee!!

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