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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bouncing baby boy

Sweet precious ten month old... Caleb is growing up fast.
And he has come curl! Love it.

Poor kid: such is the fate of the third... Longing to be where his brothers are. He LOVES playing with them. It breaks his heart when he sees his brothers and Dad leaving to go somewhere w/o him.

Caleb is 11 months old now. I can't remember if these videos were taken before or after July 22nd (his 11 mo. old b-day). But here they are. He's a corker! ;) He loves to dance and bounce.

He also does this crazy head shake thing!

Below: the one that we are considering sending in to AFV.

And finally, the dancin' baby!!


  1. He is getting so big and what a handsome boy too. Laura

  2. That's a good looking boy Caulleys!

  3. I love those videos. Looks like we've got a dancer in the family. You caught the moments so well. His rhythm is perfect and I love the wide mouth laugh! Mimomo



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