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Friday, August 13, 2010

Luke's prayers

This is what Luke has been praying most nights, before he goes to bed:

"Dear God,
I want to follow you, and be like You.
I want to have wisdom and power.
I don't want to make any sins. Not even one.
And I am not kidding."
Last night, he added "please help me to have another good day at school tomorrow. Even almost better than the first two days."

Today, on our way home from school, I asked him how his day was. He said that it was great. And then he said "God answered my prayer."

Luke has been in Kindergarden three days, and despite the cold that he came down with on the FIRST day (what's school w/o germs, right?!) he LOVES it so far. He sang all the way home after the first day.
Today, (the third day), with a van full of kids this afternoon (I watched two other children after school until 5), I heard him inform the little girl "I'm in Kindergarten now!" It almost broke my heart when she didn't seem all that interested. ;)
He (yes Luke) is very chatty about his days, loves to tell me all about what they do at school. "They have cool stuff there," he said on the first day. He said that they got to paint their hand. (Sure enough, I now have that precious hand print to prove it). He enjoys eating breakfast there. And although he wished that he could bring his lunch like some of the other children on the first day, on the following days he noticed that others ate the cafeteria breakfasts like him. And he has enjoyed every single one so far! Waffles, cheese biscuit, and breakfast pizza. He likes playing on the playground, and has a friend from Wilmore whose parents we know who is in his class. (I think this makes a big difference). They have sat together for breakfast everyday so far. It is so cute and so much fun to hear about!! I love that boy.
On a random side note, at his Dr.'s visit (the obligatory kindergarten physical), he was in the 65th percentile for height ( I think), and 95th for weight! OK, now seriously. Is that weird to any one else besides me? Luke looks like an average five yr. old. Maybe I'm inetrepreting the numbers wrong. But 95th percentile seems strange. Anyway, he is doing GREAT! What a blessing.


  1. What a sweet, sweet boy. And don't worry too much about that 95th percentile...I survived it!! Grandma's favorite quote of mine from my "95th++" days--"Grandma, what's for lunch?" HA!

  2. Luke is precious! Thank you for sharing his prayers and God's answers. And the sweet moment of a middle child saying something to a peer who doesn't seem to care. At least his Mommy heard, and I heard, and anyone else who ever reads this. :)

    Okay, what in the world - 95th percentile in weight? Luke is not a chubby kid. He must be pumping iron on the sly!

  3. Anna, what a sweet precious boy Luke is! I'm so glad he is enjoying kindergarten. We missed you sooo much this weekend! I love you and feel so blessed you are my sister. Don't think for a minute that any celebration is the same without you. I thought about you a lot so you were still a part of the party. We loved seeing Don, and I'm praying for both of you!

  4. Your son (all of them, really, but especially Luke in moments like these) is absolutely precious. He has the most tender heart and seems wise beyond his years. God has something AMAZING planned for him!!



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