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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy birthday to CALEB!!!

Is he a charmer or what?! Sweet boy. He is walking better and better everyday. He LOVES it!
Here go all the cliches: I can't believe my baby's one!; Time flies; They grow up so fast; It seemed like just yesterday... ;etc, etc. Feel free to add yours.
The much celebrated milestone came and went: less eventfully than my older two, might I add. With Jon David, I remember having a full on Bob the Builder party--decor and all. With Luke, it was Elmo. Poor Caleb. I don't even think I blew up a balloon. But we did have our wonderful friends the Smiths to help celebrate (more on their visit in an upcoming post!). And I must say, the simple party was really nice!
I highly recommend it.
Unfortunately, we are suspecting a dairy allergy of some sort with Caleb, so although I had planned on yellow cake w/chocolate icing (a Caulley fav), everyone was able to partake except for the birthday boy. But NEVER YOU FEAR! I made Caleb his very own cake: angel food. And I think he liked it!

Btw, he did try to touch the candle.

Notice me holding his hand back (above).

Yea, I'd say he liked it! :)
Being a third kid is quite the experience. I wondered if we might just take a toy down from the attic and put a bow on it! (Our family room is currently full of Little People that I saved from when the older two were small). But with Grandparents sending money, well, we decided to get him something new. And we still have a little more to spend on him later. Yay!
Here he is seeing his new Pooh fire truck riding toy.

The older kids were all so sweet to "show" him how it worked. Wink wink. It was kinda hard keeping them off of it. LOL

Below is a clip from the small party. I get a huge kick out of Caleb swaying back and forth when he hears music that he likes!! :)

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