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Friday, July 3, 2009

T-town, and intro to fire works!!

Don and I mosied over to Tuscaloosa for old time's sake for a few days. Mom and Dad kept the boys. It was GREAT! I quickly fell into making plans as a no-kids wife again. It was a nice break. I really missed them, though. I think Luke having been sick the day before we left made me miss them even more. But Mom said they didn't even get sad once! Amazing. I wasn't sure whether to wish they had missed me more, or to just appreciate the time away... Well, OK, the time away was wonderful. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH, MOM AND DAD! We had a great time visiting with friends, going to church. Memories came flooding back of so many different times and events that have helped shape us there. Good times. I kind of regret not taking more pics, though!

When we came back, we went to dinner at Tim and Sarah's house. Tim is the youth minister at Chattahoochee Valley Church. They are so sweet. The food was great, and they had even bought fire works to entertain the boys! Jon David and Luke have seen a fireworks show before, but never the "real" kind that you do on the driveway. You know, the kind where you hold the sparklers, throw the noisy ones on the ground, etc... It was fun watching them discover that. Except for the beginning when the first "eyeball" really freaked Jon David out. I think he was afraid it was going to get him. He was standing off by himself, and couldn't get to one of us without walking right past it. The look on his face was sheer panic. It was kinda hard not to laugh, actually. :) Daddy took charge and helped him get over it. Sweet boy.

At the end of the "show," everyone got a sparkler. Sarah had bought a lot. BeePops accidentally lit the last bunch at once. It was funny. Way to go BeePops! :)
Oh, and to top the evening off, I got stung by a wasp on the ear. Ouch! Sorry, Mel, no interestingly red and swollen ear shots. Heehee.

On Thursday, we went swimming at one of Mom's friend's houses again. The boys are really beginning to get comfortable in the water. Luke has started swimming too! I am really proud of him. It's a small step, but at least he's heading in the right direction. Jon David enjoys swimming to an adult, retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool, and most recently, attempting to dive in from the edge. You can see this in one of the pics. He hasn't quite gotten it yet. But we're proud anyways, of course.
There is one random pic of Jon David hanging from a rope--that is at Mom and Dad's church playground.


  1. Anna, love the updates and all the pics. Looks like you guys had a great time. I'm so happy you got to have a wonderful vacation. Hopefully next time we can spend more time with you guys!

  2. Aw, I miss Tuscaloosa! Also, I went to Chattahoochee Valley for the summer I lived in Columbus (a million years ago). I've heard it's grown a lot since then!

  3. Glad you guys made it to T-town! I am sure everyone enjoyed seeing you guys. I bet you were swarmed!



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